Friday, December 26, 2008

Fat Joke

Alright, I don't know how many of you truly enjoy reality TV.

I do enjoy some of it, there is some decent drama on there that may actually be real, instead of scripted, that's always good for a yuck or two...but some things get a little out of hand.

A show on that point would be this new one called "Ruby".

It is about a extremely large lady and it looks into her life on he is losing all this weight and the troubles she goes through and yadda yadda yadda.

Now...this just infuriates me to no end. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are dealing with weight issues...most of them because of their own lack of ability to put down the fork..and other because of a certain disease or genetic effect or whatever. Why they chose this lady is beyond me.

I say, if you're going to make a show about someone like this, you find someone with an actual "problem" not someone who nearly ate themselves to death because they couldn't control their own habits.

A line that really got me was when Ruby said something along the lines of "once I got to 700-some-odd pound, I knew it was time to do something."


You mean at 400 pounds you thought it was ok?

At 500 pounds you were just a regular overweight person?

At 600 pounds you figured what would another 100 pounds mean?


If you eat yourself to that state, you don't deserve to have TV crew come in and make you a star on cable, you deserve a kick in the ass and a "What the hell are you doing to yourself?!"

Great, she's losing weight, SAVING HER LIFE. But she doesn't deserve a TV show for it.

This kind of topic really gets to me, it really does. I can understand feeling bad about yourself, getting into a funk, losing a loved one, your job, your house...sometimes shit happens and eating is a way people deal with it. I can almost understand gaining 50 pounds to 100 pounds (huge stretch for me), because of all that I mentioned. But 200? 300 pounds? There is nothing you can say, past a genetic effect or disease, that makes that right...ever.

If you weigh in access of 400 pounds and you aren't 7'5"...then you need to get some help. There are offensive lineman in the NFL who close in on the 400 pound mark, and they are considered fat, and out of shape...if you're a normal person, with a normal desk job, that's unnecessary.

Diets aren't for everyone, running isn't for everyone...but getting up and walking for a half hour is easy and "for" everyone. You don't need to go run 4 miles or workout at the gym every single day of your life for 3 hours to stay at a normal weight.

"Put down the fork"

I'm sorry if this offends someone. But cmon. If you stand by and let a loved one or friend eat themselves to death, then you're just as much to blame as they are. Ask them what's going on, see if you can help. It's time for some tough love. Americans are getting larger every year...I mean I love food, I love to eat, in excess, but tell me you don't look in the mirror at 50 pounds overweight and go..."Wow, I need to cut down a bit."

Tell me at 100+ pounds overweight you don't get in the shower and think "What am I doing to myself?"

You can't tell me a normal person wouldn't be able to see what he/she was doing. You cannot be blind to things like that.

Maybe Ruby will give people at her stage in life a fighting chance...but the fact of the matter is, it should of never gone to that point, ever. 700+ pounds is laughable if you did that to yourself.

When you need more than a normal person scale to weigh have to get a clue...

..not a TV show.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Triumph Over Turmoil

The Dallas Cowboys will make it to the 2009 playoffs.

Book it.

Then they are on their own...I can only do so much.

The insanity that has come from the media surrounding this team is almost too much to bear. If the team wasn't under a microscope constantly, half the stuff that comes out of Dallas would actually stay in Dallas.

After all the talk about T.O. and the receivers having a fit about the Romo/Witten connection, the Boys come out and beat up on the Giants 20-8...looking real good in the process, defensively at least.

During this time you could see Romo, Witten, and yes T.O. chatting it up, smiling on the sidelines like nothing has gone wrong. Romo said afterwards that T.O. made it all up to take some tension off...whether that's true or not is to be seen...but I wouldn't put it past Owens.

The defense stepped up big and pummeled Peyton's younger brother for 8 sacks and holding them to less than 250 yards of total offense. That is the kind of effort that will put a team into the playoffs and one, hopefully, that will extend their stay.

Neither Witten nor T.O. caught many passes, 5 and 3 respectively, but one of the other "disgruntled" WR's did, Patrick Crayton, for a harm there. Romo wasn't himself early, but mainly because the underachieving O-line wasn't doing their job, again. On one play it looked as if half of them didn't know the play even started...which includes the man they just signed to a new deal, Marc Colombo, which costs the Cowboys a safety...but to no avail for the Giants.

So whats the media going to do now? The Cowboys have won 4 of their past 5 games...even throughout the entire PacMan and upset T.O. problems. You think they can leave them alone now? Probably not...probably not until they pull it together completely and win a game, or 2, or 3, in the playoffs. T.O. isn't getting any younger, he wants to win now, he needs to win now. This is a perfect chance for Dallas to slip by some struggling NFC teams like the Giants, Cardinals, and Eagles and blow into the Super Bowl by playing their best football late.

Oh and props to Demarcus Ware, who is having a Pro Bowl caliber season. He is only 3.5 (or 2.5 depending on how you view it) sacks away from tying Michael Strahan's single season sack record. As mentioned, it may only be 2.5 sacks away if good ole Brett FaVRE didn't fall down to allow Strahan to touch him down for his record breaking sack. Another reason why I dislike number 4. I'll get to him at a later date...he nearly threw the Jets out of the playoffs this past Sunday...god damn JP Losman...god damn Bills offensive coordinator...should be drug out into the street and shot...all you need is 5 yards, first down, 3 kneel downs, game over...nah lets roll out...we've only been killing them on the ground....Marshawn Lynch hitting 4 yards the entire drive...yea, lets roll out....

But like I said, that's for another day.

So my Browns won't make the playoffs and I will be 5 dollars cheaper because of it...but the Cowboys can end my sorrow with a playoff berth, a playoff win, and maybe even a Super Bowl...if T.O. can "stay happy."

Out and "Disgruntled"...I think I'll have a "meeting" with the Blog Coordinator to understand why Facebook Notes gets more attention than I do

Pass or Play?

The Family Feud.

It comes on a few times on and after 10 in the morning and even though I can't really listen to the TVs at work, I still watch it from time to time...just to pass the time.

But something gets to me every time I watch that program.

The show begins by two people from each team coming up to a buzzer in the middle of the floor with the host asking a question, having them list the top 4-7 top answers of 100 people. Whoever buzzes first and/or correctly picks the top answer wins the ability for his/her team to either pass onto the other team or play and try to find the other remaining answers.

Well everyone always "plays"...always.

I watched the show today for a half hour and this one family, who actually ended up winning the game because the other family was just awful, would "play" every time they won the first opening buzzer question. 3 times they won, 3 times they couldn't fill the entire board, and once they only got one answer of 7...that answer coming from the very first person who answered the very first challenge question to gain control.

Now like I said, it was a good thing for them that the other family was "turrible" and couldn't find a decent answer to steal any points away...but I still don't understand why you can't look at each other and say "I have no idea what any of these answers will be...and there's no way that they'll get them either."

Now sure, I understand that if you even get one this family did...and the other family can't get an answer either...then you win the small amount of points that come with your answer. But if you can strategically pass off the "big boards" I'll call them, those with 7 possible answers, and play the "smaller boards" with only can win more points in a quicker amount of time. Plus, giving the 7 board answers to the other family, gives you the whole time to find a great answer between your whole family or whoever you picked to join you on your side, to steal the points away. The longer the game goes, the more points the answers become in the game...I just don't understand going for answers when you have no idea what is going on.

The family that I was talking about who won the first round of the game did not win the $20,000 possible at the end of the kidding? This part of the show you pick 2 people, one at a time goes, and they have to give their best answer to 6 questions in a certain amount of time. Then the second person goes and if you can get 200 points, you win $20,000. Well after one person they had 17 points....17 points! Being around 100 is ideal because well, that's halfway to 200...which splits it up nice. I think they ended with around 89 or so points...but it was just a disaster. Thing is, they get to come back again after winning, because that's the perk you get...lucky them. Those rag-tag group of individuals will get walloped by a family with a decent amount of social knowledge....its ridiculous.

I'm just saying, this is my opinion. I'm sure if I had to pick people to come on me with that show it would be my gf, 2 brothers, mom and dad...which is how I'm sure everyone picks it. But with that group I would hope we could get some good answers. And we would be smart about whether to "pass or play"

"We'll pass"

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

There has been some pretty big developments over the past few weeks that I really haven't touched on.

We will soon have a new President in the Oval Office. Barack Obama will become the 44th, and only colored, President of these United States of America...and it looks like it was a failed attempt by many to "cancel out" my vote.

When I look back on it, I was one of the few people, in my group of friends, that actually voted for Obama. I know Jenny, Knapik...and a few others, went with McCain...but the people have spoke.

Everyone is going to point to the fact that the largest number of black voters ever came out for this and voted in this election...well if you're going to point that number out, just realize that if you desperately wanted McCain to win, you should've went out and voted yourself. There will be a lot of people at their homes complaining about having a black guy for Pres...he's really only about 9% African American, somewhere in that neighborhood...but a lot of those people probably stayed at home, for better or for worse. The lot of them now thinking they should have got off there asses and voted for the woman on that side of the ballot when the primaries came about...but they probably were at home, again...when that time rolled around.

What's done is done...and I am happy about it. I saw Obama the day after the release of his victory talking on TV and that guy, he just has a presence about him. The way he looks, the way he speaks, just the way he controls the stage and the audience...we don't have anything close to that right now in the White House, and it is time for that to change.

Even if there are spots in his Presidency that come up where he has no idea what to do, no plan of attack, he will at least sound intelligent throwing a little BS at us...and not like a kid bumbling about why he didn't turn his HW in. And don't think I expect Mr. Obama to throw BS around, I truly believe that he will be the guy to stand up for his mistakes and have a strong demeanor when tough decisions need to be made. He just seems like a guy a lot of people, myself included, can get behind and feel huge support for. I'm sure the racist people, which there will be plenty when he makes his first mistake or does something a few people don't agree with, will come out of the woodwork and complain about him being black or Muslim or whatever...but he's going to do a great job, it's just something he puts off. To be honest, his face should be on a stamp and some kind of currency as well...just a thought.


Trent Dilfer is an idiot. There. I said it.

After the Browns have recently decided to play Brady Quinn at QB, for the rest of the year hopefully, he decided to state that the Browns are a "dysfunctional organization" that runs their team to put "butts in seats" and does things based on "what the fans want."

Hey Trent? How did your stat line look when you played for Cleveland? Oh that's right, you threw 12 picks and were then trader for KEN DORSEY and a draft pick. Maybe you're a little bitter about the fact? Listen, your an analyst now for ESPN so you are supposed to speak your mind. But that was ridiculous. Just because you got into a heated battle with then offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon (remember him Browns fans?) and were then traded from Cleveland because you wanted out, doesn't give you the right to jump up to the podium and bash them for making Brady Quinn the new QB. It's the right move. It's the right time. And the Browns will be better for it. Sure they lost the Thursday game against the Broncos...but that was only after the D, which had been pretty solid up to these past 2 weeks, gave up their second double-digit lead in two games...and if Kellen Winslow doesn't drop that pass (or we actually try to give the ball to Jamal Lewis, who had been hammering the Broncos all night on 3rd or 4th down), Winslow had been pretty good most of the night, catching 2 TD's (but also fumbling at a bad time), the Browns may have come up with a win. Tonight's game against the Bills will be a better test of BQ's ability. He'll have a full week of practice under his belt, his first with the first teamers, and hopefully everyone comes to play.

I can't think of what else I wanted to gripe about. But I'll come back soon.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just To Get You to Come Back Later...

I just realized a thing or two after coming home from a Miami of Ohio trip to visit Jeremy this past weekend.

1. You cant run in DC shoes. Well you can, if you actually have them laced up. But if you have your DC shoelaces tied up, or untied up like you should...then its really damn hard to move at a pace faster than a walk. Doin it in the rain none the less, just intensifies the difficulty.

2. The people from The Hills Have Eyes are real. Ask Chad.

3. You can take Cedar road the whole way (but not really).

4. I got some pretty cool people around me right now.

A weekend trip to visit someone more than an hour away is something I really don't do. I really haven't done that much, come to think of it, ever.

I know I'm 23, I know I pretty much wasted my first few years of college not doing much and not having the best time I could. Sure I thought I was having a good time at the time...follow?...but now I realize that I could've been having a better time...maybe.

Who I hang out with now is completely different from those who I hung out with when I was a freshman and sophomore in college. Pretty much everyone I hang out with is different. I was really around older people when I first came into school at NDC. I was the only freshman cross country runner of my grade, and one of 10 or so freshman athletes...there weren't many people my age around when I first came to NDC. So I hung around some older kids, and of course a handful of student athletes my age...none of whom, I really talk to all that much now. The older generation has moved on, moved away...and I started new friendships my junior, senior, and after years now.

A lot of the people I'm friends with now I think really can relate to me and just seem to have the ability to relate more to me and my interests. A lot of my years as a freshman and sophomore in college were spent in my room, or just hanging out with one or two other people at a time. Now, its hard to find a time where its just me and one other person...unless that person is Jenny, which is then understandable. But the relationships I have developed now, seem like ones that could last longer than a few years. I'm hoping they can last past the college life and onto the next.

Ive been having a pretty good time the last few months, hanging out and having fun. Ive gotten closer to some people who I really never got the chance to be really close to, and I think its mainly in part of where Jenny is living this year. At her old house, i was still friends with everyone she lived with...I just feel more comfortable in this new house and just how I get along with everyone in it. Its been a good transition for me and I'm really enjoying it.

So here's to more good times. I'm happy to have a great bunch of people around me, you all know who you are...I'm hanging out with you on a constant basis. But this weekend was a good time for me, I don't do that too often, just hoping there are more memories to come. I don't think I'm making up for lost time, I'm still a young guy, I'm just having the best time that I can and the people around me are who makes that possible.


"I crack myself up on that one"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 4

Alright this is getting re-Goddamn-diculous.

The Cleveland Browns have become a laughing stock...they fit in (but not really) with the Lions and the Bengals right now near the bottom of the NFL and it is making my stomach hurt just thinking about watching them play what they call "football."

The Kellen Winslow ordeal just adds another delectable layer to this already crumbly cake (mmmm cake).

So after a week or so of speculation about Winslow's injury, it turns out he had a staph infection...again.

I'm not sure what he was more upset about:
1) the fact he had staph infection...again
2) phil savage decided not to give him a phone call to say "buck up big guy, we miss you"
3) he wasn't on the field during the drubbing of the Giants
or 4) rumors were running rampant that his testicles were swollen/there was a lump down there and that it was an infection/STD

I think I'd go with 4, but I'm not a betting man.

Winslow isn't either, because he took a chance by speaking out about Savage and the entire Browns management team...which led to his one game suspension.

Now I'm with Winlow 100% of the way here. He talked about wanting to ask for a trade and yadda yadda I know, but that was out of frustration for how he is being treated, "like a piece of meat." How on Earth do the Browns first let rumors of Winslows condition get so out of control, mak him keep the story a secret, make sure everyone BUT Phil Savage give Winslow a call, and finally actually let another staph infection set back another injury to this team?

Staph infections are bad, real bad, they can kill you. LeCharles Bentley's career is over likely to one...Joe Jurivicious might be next. Reports say that there have been at least 6, if not 7, cases of staph running through the Brown's IR in the past 4 or so years...that ridiculous. I havent heard of any other team having this many problems with staph in the NFL...ever. They talk about how they had a team meeting at the beginning of the year and let everyone know how they are making usre the scalpals are clean and all that jazz...but me letting everyone know that those forks in the sink are clean dont worry...and then having crusted fish sticks (mmm fish sticks) on them is not even close to understandable. I can see why he's upset.

I read a couple things in the Plain Dealer about how this is about his contract and people are getting all ticked off at Winslow for speaking out...cmon. He told reporters at the end of the interview he wanted to be a Brown and that he loved the fans and the city. He probably plays the hardest out of anyone on that team and does so with two bum knees (even though they are his fault) and a bad shoulder. He doesnt complain about not getting the ball or give excuses about his injuries. He shuts up, catches everything thrown in his vicinity, and goes to the Pro Bowl. Yea he can be an ass, he can be a "solider!!", but he's the best receiver on this team, and I think (before Shaun Rogers got here) he is the best/co-best player on the team. Why would you bash a guy for speaking out? Because he wants a new contract? Give me a break. Why don't you all go contract staph...twice...then see how much complaining you'd want to do to the Cleveland Clinic. You'll feel like they did your surgeries in a back alley with a garden hose and some loose metal shavings.

Cut Winslow a break. Yea he wants a new contract...and he may not be deserving of one, yet. He has the argument against him that the wear and tear on his body, caused by his own actions, is running him down and he will be hurt more than he plays over the next few investment on him might be a bit risky. But think about this. He plays injured now. Why wouldnt he play injured in 2 years? I read in the paper that Dallas Clark, the Colts tight end, signed a new contract this year for 6 years at $36 million with a $5 million also available through incentives. Well according to those numbers, thats a little over a cool $6 mil a year...Winslow? He makes about $4-4.5 through the next 3 years. The NFL is a business, no contract is guarenteed and this is how the system works: You do work son, you get paid. Winslow was an ACTUAL Pro Bowl player last year (not a fill in like DA) and he did so playing on 2 bad knees (still his fault) and bum shoulder all year. If the guy says he wants to be a Brown, he wants to be a Brown..i think its put up or shut up time for Phil Savage. Maybe if you had made a 2 minute phone call to see how your recently infcted, Pro Bowl. team superstar, tight end was doing, this may have never happened. He deserves his money...he messed up in the past, messed up real bad...but he's been playing like that "soldier" from Miami ever since.

Because you know how it goes in let this guy go in a trade and he will come back and kill us.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lives to See Another D.A.y

Well, in case you missed it...the Browns won this past Monday against the undefeated, and reigning NFL Champs, the New York Giants.

And after all that talk about losing DA and giving up on him for Quinn, it seems like everyone has forgotten tha whole concept.

Well DA, and everyone else, finally stepped to the plate and played well...played like they should be playing, and showed off on a national stage.

It was good to see the Browns win, not only because I have a $5 bet that they will make the playoffs, but just because I am a Browns fan...and I'm tired of losing, especially after the great showing the Tribe had this year...don't get me started.

Butit was great to see everything clicking for the offense for once. The defense has been playing tough and tired all year because of the offenses inability to produce touchdowns or first downs...but the offense decided to do a complete 180 and get first down after first down, never punt, and not turn the ball over.

Giving the defense an actual rest between drives showed. 3 picks, one for a TD, a lot of pressure, and just an overall good game. Brandon Jacobs were running rampant on us...but that will happen with a guy his size, you aren't going to stop every running back every night, just ask Mike Adams. Did anyone peel him off the goal line yet? He got owned...and it sucks because it gave up a TD, but its Mike Adams...and he's not that great...but man, you gotta get lower than that when trying to tackle a guy who weighs 100+ pounds more than you.

Shaun Rogers is a beast. There was speculation that he would be lazy and not play to his potential. But he is taking on 2 offensive lineman each play and still is second on our team with he literally flattened Eli with a couple of hard rushes and then laying his 350+ pound frame onto his (Eli's) side. He helped him up afterwards...but that was the least he could do after that.

But back to was good to see him have some consistency and find guys who actually caught the ball. Braylon had a career high in yards, up over 150 i believe...and Steve Heiden and Darnell Dinkins (who?) made up for Kellen Winslow's abscene by catching everything thrown their way and scoring. After DA threw his one pass in the first quarter well behind, and over the head of newly activated Dante Stallworth, i thought we were in for another beat/let down...but DA calmy found his grove by throwing short passes, then caught fire with a couple of deep balls to Edwards, and then one to Dinkins across the middle. It was nice to see them spreading the field...especially on such a good team.

Now we just have to keep the mometum...we're at a good place at 2-3 after the extremely slow start, but the road doesnt get easy. The Redskins next week are going to be a challenge and they just lost to the unwinnable Rams...which is both good and bad news as they will be looking to make someone pay because of that slip-up.

The real controversy will be next year it seems, in what to do with Quinn if Anderson plays well through the rest of this year. If DA can play just as well as last year, or even improve, there might be a decent draft pick in it for us to trade BQ. But I ay if Quinn has no problems with the backup role for another year, then theres no reason to let him loose. I woud hate to have him come back and kill us...but i would also hate to miss the opportunity to find some personnel in the draft. We will see how Sunday, and the following weeks go...but if DA can perform at the same level and lead the Browns to an above .500 year and a possible playoff berth...he'll be the QB of the future...not BQ.

Lets go Browns.

Eli Manning, tell me how my 350+ pound ass tastes
Sincerely, Big Ole Shaun Rogers


Thursday, October 2, 2008

DA > BQ??

If you have been paying attention to the Browns this can tell that they really haven't lived up to the hype the media threw at them.

But they deserved it. Going 10-6 last year and suprising everyone, probably even themselves a little bit...they should have high hopes for the next season. See: Cleveland Indians.

But after a "slow" start at 1-3...there seems to be a lot missing from last year. Actually, just the offense.

The defense was not that great last year and has actually improved a bit as the weeks have gone on. Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald are not starting corners however...and not having Brodney Pool and Sean Jones healthy in the same game doesn't help matters at all. But adding Sean Rodgers in the middle has helped with the run stopping. The LB's still aren't great, but they are maybe they'll keep improving as well. Alex Hall showed flashes the last 2 games taking over the starting OLB job. So we'll see how the defense keeps up, especially if they are on the field for long periods of time...since the offense has numerous 3-and-outs.

So the offense...Braylon Edwards will not get to his 16 or 17 touchdown mark that he told Michael Phelps he would get...does he even have 16 catches this year? He doesn't (thanks yahoo sports). So with those 11 catches, he almost has as many drops as receptions....if you didn't know, that's not good.

The offensive line has been bad as well, a near 180 degree turnaround from last year. Injuries have been a big part and not having Eric Steinbach out there ruins some chemistry...Ryan Tucker has also been absent. But that doesn't excuse Joe Thomas for missing his assignments...they need to get it together.

Kellen Winslow has been the only good thing on offense so far. Jamal Lewis has run decent, but he needs the ball more and needs bigger holes up front. But Winslow has quietly caught pass after pass across the middle and gets laid out time after time. Who knows how long he'll last if the team keeps losing however...and him getting drilled everytime the ball comes his way won't help his torn up motorcycle knees either. If the Browns start to slide...and slide and slide...look for Winslow and Edwards to not be happy and to start talking out. They'll want out of town if we don't change things around.

So that leaves us with possibly the most important position on the offense and possibly the entire team...the QB. QB DA has been poor to say the least...and that's the least we can say about him. He has more picks than TD's and has a terrible completion percentage. I think I saw somewhere that his average yards per pass is also way down, from a little over 7 to just a hair over 4. He's looked awful under pressure and has under and over thrown a ton of receivers this year already. He's still young and it could still be growing pains...but if you make it to the Pro Bowl, even if its because of injuries to other people, you dont have growing pains the next year.

With all that being said, the BQ debate has already sprung and people were looking to have DA replaced against the Bengals last Crennel eluded to the fact it might happen, but Phil Savage said that there was no discussion about ever using Quinn.

The Browns did win last week. They beat the Bengals, and their backup Harvard graduate quaterback who obviously was not facing the likes of Brown and Dartmouth University. If Carson Palmer had started, you cant say that the Bengals would have won...but I will. There is no way he throws 2 picks or fumbles the ball like Fitzgerald did...our defense played well, but there were a lot of mistakes on the other side.

DA was average at best...he was playing against an injury riddled Bengals secondary, and he threw 2 picks...yet one was taken away because of penalty. But he didnt throw for over 200 yards and still looked undecisive and not the quarterback we need to win.

The Browns are headed into a bye week and maybe they are thinking the time off, especially after a win, even a sub par one, will have the team on a high and maybe get some much needed momentum. If the Browns were going to make a QB change and didn't want to make one last game, now would be a time to do so. With an extra week of practice BQ could easily make the transition. We do face the defending Super Bowl champs in the the transition may not come as easy. But if DA can average less than 5 yards a pass...theres no reason why BQ couldnt.

Quinn knows the offense, he sat and read the playbook all of last year and should be watching and learning what not to do out there. He also gives the position a little mobility...which our starter has none. So even if the O-line continues to break down...Quinn could outrun a blitz or broken assignment and buy some time.

Now I'm not for just switching the two from backup to starter and vise versa...but I would be all for trading DA to someone who might need a QB. The Patriots are not going to be happy having Matt Cassel lead their team, especially if they lose again this week...they could be potentially looking for someone to get the ball downfield to Randy Moss...and Anderson has that kind of arm. The Cheifs also need a QB...but they might not be willing to part with as much because they are pretty poor themselves. But if New England comes to you with a 3rd round draft choice...I think I'd jump on it.

There are a limited number of backup QBs available...but enough. Once you put in Quinn however, there is no going back...just having Dorsey there would almost suffice. The Browns did well in their draft this year and adding another draft pick by way of trade would be a great thing, as well as getting rid of the huge contract that you just gave to Anderson.

Now will the Browns do this? Extremely slim I am sure. Now if they fade again after their bye week, look for Quinn to be put in and to be the QB of the future. But by that time, that brand new contract you just gave to Anderson was for not. It really doesn't bother me who is receiving the snaps, as long as they can win, but its looking less and less likely that Anderson is the QB of the future.

Lets just hope DA finds some kind of rythm, Edwards starts catching everything thrown his way, and hopefully get Stallworth off the bench.

If not, it's going to be another long dissapointing season for Cleveland sports fans.


Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

Once again...i apologize for being tardy on not creating any new blogs for quite some time. Its difficult at times because I am not always around my computer and dont have the 30 minutes or so that I need/want so I can sit down and write something interesting for everyone to read.

Luckily for everyone out there, since it has been awhile, I've been thinking of a couple new things that I can write about.

The Browns QB situation, being a significant other, and Halloween have recently come to mind...but since Halloween is on the brain right now, I will dive into that area right now.

Now I really haven't had a great Halloween experience since I've been in school, at least one that I can remember being awesome. When me and Knapik went as Double Dragon, spur of the moment...that was pretty cool, but no one really knew who we were and we didn't exactly go to a place where a lot of people knew us personally, so you can only have so much fun. Last year, we again had sweet costumes...but a "parental" emergency came up with Knapik and he couldn't come. Then me and Jenny kinda had a not so good night and we once again found ourselves amongst people that we normally don't hang out with. My evil Spiderman costume was still pretty bad ass though...I got a lot of compliments...i think.

But this year I would like everything to go well. I've actually started thinking about what I want to be now, instead of waiting until a couple of days before to decide. I also would like to be around people I know, not saying that my gf isn't wonderful company, which she is!..but just having more people you like hanging around with makes that experience so much more enjoyable to everyone around.

Now I'm not really sure what everyone's plans are or what everyone is planning on going as...but I threw out the idea of being characters from Batman since the movie was such a big hit and there are enough characters to go around for everyone to have a choice.

So now I will go through a list of characters and describe who they are and what they do...then afterwards I will say who I think could be this character on Halloween...and this is just in my own opinion.

Batman: Everyone knows this guy. The hero. The star. The muscular figure who is the face of the entire Batman character...obviously. But there is more to the character than just his physique and his ability to save people...there's a dark side to this man. Sure he's calm and collected when peoples lives are on the line, but Batman has a troubled past. He's seemed to take on more of a badass persona in rcent movies, which I've enjoyed...but really it comes down to who would look the best in a Batman outfit. The thing is, I'm sure, just like my puffed up Spiderman costume, you could find one that does justice to anyone pulling on the Bat mask...but it makes it better if you just have a huge guy to begin with.

Fits - Marco - he's been him in the past, and have you seen this guy? He's HUGE
Second place is any other guy since you could find a ripped suit anyway

Robin: The unherald sidekick of Batman. Pretty much thats it, I mean he has a troubled past as well...but once again, the personality doesn't really fit into this guys demeanor anyway. So basically you have to be a "poor man" Batman...smaller, less know how it goes. No one really likes Robin.

Fits - Chad - just because he's dressed as him before
Komer - he's pretty much a shorter, skinier Batman...which is Robin, dunno if he'd like to play the sidekick role however...
Knapik - blonde hair kinda throws him out

Batgirl: Batmans female sidekick. I really only have a few people who fit the description of "female" that will possibly go out with me on the results are limited.

Fits - Annie - shes taller, probably more "super heroine esk" and has blonde hair
Allie - blonde hair and a she moves ahead of the next two
Kathy - an edge over Jenny because she normally has blonde hair, which Batgirl does
Jenny Rohn - can, and has, dyed her hair blonde

Alfred: The dude is old, I mean he's smart,damn smart...but he's old and he wears glasses.

Fits - Me - I'm old and I wear corrective lenses
Knapik - he's smart, and he wears glasses

Two-Face: Or Harvey Dent, for you DC Comic nerds. The dude has a good side (sorta) and a bad side (really), because of either an acid accident or fire accident...depending on what Batman movie you would rather take the character from. But he's more so a bad guy with a somewhat kind heart...leaving everything he does in the hands of his two-sided coin.

Fits - Knapik - I mean he has fits of rage, then is as kind as a bunny rabbit
Marco - Two-face is a bigger, meaner, guy...and he could do that well I think

Riddler: Dude is just crazy...crazy, funny, creepy...but can be real sinister. He's a lanky guy however and has red hair, which may pose some problems...

Fits - Chad - he's crazy, funny, creepy...but can be real sinister
Knapik - he's crazy, funny, creepy...but can be real sinister
Ross - he has red hair

Scarecrow: Pretty much a normal looking guy. Not real skinny, not huge either...average Joe with a taste for making people freak the hell out.

Fits - Me - I mean, I'm good with being that creepy guy with a camera, and I'm as average Joe as you can get.
Chad - that face he made this past weekend during the Cedarville trip locks this up
Knapik - he gets that look in is eye sometimes...
Any other normal human being who wants to put on a Scarecrow mask

Mr. Freeze: Pretty much the biggest bad guy in Batman, I think. Don't yell at me if I got this wrong DC Comic fans...Freeze is played by Arnold Schawzegebaregakher in the movies, you know...the governor or whatever of California. The "I'll be back" you got it...

Fits - Marco - once again, he's HUGE. And can probably handle the incredible amount of one-liners said by Freeze in that movie. They were TURRIBLE!

Poison Ivy: Once again, a female...and I only know so many of those. But once again, has red hair. Someone is going to have to step up if they want this part.

Fits - Jenny - has been a red head in the past, and she could kiss me...because that's what Poison Ivy does.
Any other girl who will dye their hair red

Penguin: A big ole fat guy with a point nose...and I don't know many of them at all really

Fits - Knapik - he wears glasses, but the Penguin wears a monical I believe. A couple of well placed pillows could solve the fat problem
Me - I'm the fatest guy I hang out with, and Hot Rod is Mexican
A big ole round ball

Joker: There will be plenty of Jokers running around his Halloween, just because the character was made to be a costume and the hit he made on the big screen. But you have to have some certain physical features (not the lip scars, but I guess that would make you perfect for the rold if you had those...and I'm sorry if you do) that will put you over the edge...having a wig of long hair wont be the same.

Fits - Me - I'm hoping by the end of October my hair will be long enough to suffice, and I can be a pretty creppy guy if I want to be. Have you seen me taking those pictures???....exactly

Now I know there are lesser characters people could be, including Bane (Posion Ivys big ass bodyguard dude,) Cat Woman (who I dislike by all means as a super villan), and even Comissioner Gordon...but if you go out as a bunch of characters from want people to recognize who you are. Unlike Double Dragon...which was by far the best costume I've ever been a part of while deciding to be it the night of Halloween...ever.

So we will see how it goes. I dont even know what everyone wants to do for Halloween, so this whole blog may be moot. But if it does happen, I hang out with a cast of characters who would fill all these roles quite nicely.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public Enemy

Well for starters let me say that these past few days have been full of new knowledge to me...for the greater good I am sure.

Now let me get on to the good stuff...


How'd that go?

After hyping up this game all week and people clamoring to see what kind of show OSU was going to put on against USC...they hopefully got their money back. Now I'm not going to say "I told you so," but I did. OSU was easily handled by their opponent in every fashion and the final score of 35-3 or 38-3 I can't remember (nor care) doesn't even begin to show what kind of whooping OSU go on both sides of the ball. This definitely takes OSU out of the championship picture...unless of course a bunch of top teams lose...twice...which will not happen. I honestly believe that they (OSU) will fall even farther in the polls about facing Wisconsin in a few weeks. The Big Ten title will fall out of their hands, the Rose Bowl will no longer be a thought...and things will need to change on that football team. It'll be interesting to see how they come out against Troy (you know, they're called "Trojans" too!!). I've heard that Troy is very fast on both offense and defense...and if OSU fails to come out with any kind of fire or a pissed off attitude...they might have their hands full. Just like they did against the powerhouse of Ohio. But by the time Wisconsin rolls around...OSU better figure something out. Terrell Pryor may be the savior, but they need to rework a lot of things.

Now as some of you may know...I recently became a part of Notre Dame's watch list. My blog, allegedly, sparked some interest around the campus higher-ups and I was called into a conference to discuss what I recently said about the financial aid staff. Now if you read the blog thoroughly, you can see that even though I made dissenting remarks about some folks...I did say not all the people had those characteristics...and that there are some new people in that office that are very helpful, very nice, and do what they can to help. But I still don't agree that it's the best situation...

I guess the thing's a's just randomness and feelings that I evoke from myself and my experiences on a daily basis...and I write what I see. I'm not journalist, never said I was, not trying to be one. So the need for me to talk to people, to investigate the reason why things go down and find out all the facts, it just doesn't appeal to me or what I am trying to write about in this blog. If I wanted to get behind what I wrote and wanted to get everyone the pinpoint reasons for certain actions...I'd write for the paper, which I used to do. But this is a spot where I can come and write down what I feel about certain things and actually lay my feelings out on a line for everyone to see. If you know me, you know that I'm not one to blurt how I feel about certain issues all the time, I'm not confrontational by any means. But writing gives me that area of work where I can be confrontational and can show you what I feel about things. I've always been able to express myself with the written word better than the you just have to understand that.

Now I thought it was exciting to hear that more than a finger-count amount of people read and have read my blog, I didn't realize I was such a HUGE deal. My ego has been soaring...but not really. But to make sure I no longer appear in NDC's search engines for "Student/Volunteer coach blog entries about Notre Dame College," I simply clicked a little box in the settings so my blog no longer is "searchable". Now that means people searching for my thoughts about Brett Favre (it still bugs me) and bank tellers ill have to either become my friend on Facebook or find a way to view my AIM profile for a link...but I'd rather not have to sit in on meetings anymore about why and what I wrote about. It was interesting to know that people took the time to read what I had to say though. Even if the higher-ups didn't agree with what had to say, maybe it'll start some conversation about certain issues at school. Like I said, I'm not one to go in an complain or throw a fit in someones face...I'd rather get someone else talking, then get the whole talking...and have everyone come to a consensus about the problem.

It was also hard to take that what I wrote about NDC has negatively influenced everything I have done for the cross country and track programs. Now I don't know how people choose or not choose to go to certain schools and institutions. But if by reading someones paragraph of a blog...changes your mind completely without ever visiting the place, I don't understand you. There are students on every campus EVERYWHERE that dislike the school they chose or certain elements of the school they are in. I can find one person a day that does not like something about NDC, but you know what, they are there...and there are plenty of things to like about Notre Dame. But you can't honestly say that people will choose to pass up NDC because I made a remark about our financial aid staff. Go in, experience it for yourself, and maybe you'll have a better experience than me. Like I said previously, my very first day here, in that office, had my entire family in fits...we couldn't believe how it went down. There was no mistake in my billing or pay, I didn't mess something up that I was supposed to do right, there were no late fee's owed...we just went in to get things set up, just like every other freshman does...and it wasn't a great situation. To think I did something wrong to be treated the way I did...that just doesn't make sense. But back to the point...even with that bad experience in the office, I didn't decide to leave or go to another school. I enrolled for a reason...and that's the reason I came. I didn't come for the personalities of the people working behind a plastic counter who figure out my bill...and I don't think other people do either. Now if you do pick schools on the basis of how welcoming and friendly 75% of the Financial Aid staff at the school is...well, then I don't know what to tell you.

But anyways, I've done a lot for the cross country and track program by being there. I don't want to feel like I'm ruining what I helped build because of what I said, so I won't. A lot of athletes have thanked me for what I have done and what I am doing, and there have been recruits that became interested in NDC just because I went on scouting trips and handed them a pamphlet of info. If my one paragraph ruins what ever future NDC has in XC and track, then I'll step away from the program today...but that's not the case.

Yea I said my brother wouldn't come here. I said nothing about the half-off pricing being crappy or that him coming to this school would be terrible for him. I just don't want him to have to deal with the things I went through, headaches that can be avoided. Aren't I supposed to look out for my little brother? I don't want to put him in a situation where he won't enjoy himself or have to deal with certain issues. But with that being said...I will talk to him when that time comes about NDC. Our XC and track programs are going in a great direction and I loved every minute of XC, there were some struggles in track, but the camaraderie alone just made it the best college experience of your life. But also, a better reason why my brother may not come here is because he is twice the runner I was at his age...and his times will enable him to choose a better school and faster that will be able to offer him a full-ride perhaps, or a better price and situation because of NDC. I'm not going to tell him to not go to NDC because of a few people at the school bug me....thats selfish and dumb.

So there you have it...I could write all day on this subject and this past week, but I won't....right now. Feelings will fade in and out and certain aspects may need a little more attention than others, so you might here more about this later.

Oh and I'm real sorry if the spelling errors or grammar errors bug you. First of all the keybord on my labtop is becoming less and less effective...which explains the lack of letters at times, but you still get what I'm trying to say. I use spellcheck...sometimes....but I don't go back and read and re-read or edit my blog very much. Like I said, I'm not looking to win an award for journalism...but I do the best I can. So one more thing...gotta make sure I get this right...

"Debauchery" (spell check helped me out, hope that is suffice)

It's great to be back, and to still be here...because I'm not going anywhere

Thursday, September 11, 2008

O-H!!!...I-Oh hell no...

You know as a living and breathing member of an Ohio city I'm tired of the Buckeye hype. I know it's not just college football in general because I love when it comes down to bowl games in the winter and I will watch those all day. Also, I just recently started a dynasty with North Carolina on NCAA Football 2009 on the Wii (Alcorn St as well) and do enjoy playing...not that that has anything to do with watching college football.

But this state is ridiculous with its Ohio State football love. I mean I go into a clothing store looking for Cleveland Browns stuff and OSU crap litters the aisles...and I'm sick of the scarlett everywhere. Now the Browns aren't living up to the hype either...but they don't have their own chant that could be sung at any given moment.

I dunno, I thought I liked OSU football...OSU sports in general. But lately, I find myself not caring and being annoyed in general with their athletic teams. Even basketball, I could care less if they won or lost...and I'm pretty sure I bet on their early exit from March Madness last season. It might just be the OH-IO chant that drives me to the edge...but it just needs to stop. They will get trounced this weekend against USC...Beanie or no Beanie...and they will continue to have a subpar season after that. I think they get hyped because its OSU, but other than their name...they haven't impressed me one bit.

Another thing that is bothering me in the state of Ohio is Notre Dame know, changing the world one student at a time. Biggest amount of crap...the people in there are ridiculous, not everyone...but the financial aid people (again not everyone) act like you shouldnt be coming into help. It just seems they are so unorganized and toss stuff on you the minute. I mean we are supposed to be a small school...which means more one-on-one attention, more chances to have stuff looked and re-looked over so things don't mess up your FAFSA for 2009...but it just seems like they are getting so far away from wanting to help you the minute you step into the offices.

Now I know this is true, because it happened the very first time I stepped through those ugly doors at the financial aid office. Some old, overweight, lady with glasses was just mean to me and my parents. Even my mom was flustered when we left that office for the first time and my dad didn't even know what to say. Now it has come to my attention that this dibochery has gone straight up to the VP of Student Admissions or something like that and everyone is just mean and wants nothing to do with helping you at all. You can't catch a break with anyone really...and it's a shame. I wish I could blame it on enrollment going up well above where it should be, considering what kind of campus we have, but it was like this when I was a freshman and there were a grand total of like 5-6 freshman athlete recruits in the dorms. So I don't know what the deal is really.

The only way I would ever tell my little brother to attend NDC is if we have a solid cross country and track program established. Right now the trac program seems to be well in hand and XC is on its way...but I'm just not sure if it'll be worth the half-off tuition to deal with the headaches of the financial people. My brother will end up going somewhere on a nearly free ride anyway if he keeps dropping he might not even care about the half-off.

I mean I like Ohio...but some of this shit has to stop.

It's good to be back...better if we got rid of some BS

Saturday, August 23, 2008

THE TELLER.....dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!

I came upon the same problem today as I do every time I make the trip to the bank, the bank teller.

Now I don't know if anyone else really has this problem, but it is just something that is potentially awkward.

So you know when you go inside the bank and sit in that maze of a line then walk up to the teller when they say "I can help you down here"? So you get there, hand over whatever it is you have and tell them whatever it is you want to do...then you stand...and stand...and stare.

What are you supposed to do at this point? Today it took my teller a little longer than usual to put money into my checking account and dish out the remainder of it to me, and she kept giving these weird looks with her eyes and face at her computer screen. This is the problem. I'm not sure if I am supposed to look right at the teller while she does all the work or find somewhere else to look while she does her job.

I can't imagine that anyone would want someone, or possibly 50 some people staring at them while they do their job...but what else am I supposed to do? So I started to look around, like I always do. Stare at the other people in the bank, look and see myself in the camera, turn around and act like I'm stretching, fiddle around with my wallet and glance over my gift cards 10 times each just to make sure they are there, and casually glance back at the teller...that strained look on her brow.

So now that I actually looked today, I'm worried that there is something wrong with my account and the teller decided not to tell me. So as I sit here, about an hour after I made it back from my awkward trip, I wonder if I'm going to lose all my money in my account. Either that or she noticed my last few payments for the 7/11 and Bud Light cases of beer. She probably just wonders what I'm doing with my life and feels terrible that I'm wasting away precious moments....I just about made myself cry there.

The camera is something else that makes me sweat. That is just something else that makes you worry about where you put your hands, how intensively you glance over at the huge security safe behind the desk, and just how dumb your outfit looks as you stand there. Now the FirstMerit here in Cleveland show you on TV when the camera switches over to your teller bank in Twinsburg, does not. I'm not sure if I like the TV or least the TV gives me something else to look at while the teller pounds away at the keyboard wondering why this young adult still can't remember his checking or savings account number. I'm just waiting for the moment to come when the camera swings on me and the security officer leaps over the back from under the desk (where the hell did he come from? Does he live down there?), or the teller to hit that secret red button under the desk (you see it on TV all the time, so I figure it's there) and the cops to come flying in to arrest me for staring to hard at the teller while she plugs numbers into her 1995 Apple computer. "I wasn't trying to figure out passcodes officer, it's just so damn awkward up here...."

So I'm not really sure if anyone else has this problem...but let's just say I was ecstatic to leave...yet still unable to figure out who or where to look at when exiting the building.

It's good to be back...

...from the bank

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Slideshow

I was responsible, by my own caring thoughts, of making a slideshow for the NDC cross country team last season, which includes an opening song, 2 faster songs, and a slower song at the end.

I have thought about doing it again, since I will be helping out as coach. And have started making a list of songs that I may choose from for the show.

I started out last years show with a entry music, where I showed who was on the team and all the beginning welcoming stuff. I used the Chicago Bulls theme song last year, and so I don't use the same stuff over and over again...I have been looking for a new beginning theme. Now take it the opening will probably be a minute or two, so I can't have a 3-4 minute song there. I have found a couple ones that might work which include the following:

Pirates of the Caribbean theme song (sounds gay, but works really well)
Fox Sports NFL theme song
Sandstorm from DDR

I am still looking into finding other short clips to use. I heard the Men's basketball theme song today after the Olympic Games and might look into using that one as well.

As for the short list of fast songs I have taken from my iTunes includes the following:

Runnin' Wild - Airbourne
Becoming the Bull - Atreyu
Falling Down - Atreyu
Never Forget Me - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (a lot of swearing, looking for cleaner version)
Follow -Breaking Benjamin
We Made It - Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park
Indestructible - Disiturbed
This Moment - Disturbed
The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Superman - Goldfinger
Faint - Linkin Park
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Typical - Muth Math
Boom - P.O.D.
Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva
Click Click Boom - Saliva
List of Demands - Saul Williams
Devour - Shinedown
I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty
Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty

My list of "slower" songs, which is actually short, which needs to elongate, is:

Hold My Hand - Hootie and the Blowfish
Time After Time - Quietdrive
I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly
Fly Like an Eagle - Seal
Right Now - Van Halen

Now as you ca see there is a wide variety of songs here. The thing is, they can't just be upbeat songs...they need to have words that work well with running as well. There has to be some way can relate pictures to the words of the song that is playing. So for all three of you that read this blog on occasion, or once every two weeks...your input is needed. If there is a song you like to run to and think might work, let me know, or if you really like one of the songs on here, let me know. I am leaning towards using the Pirates theme song at the beginning and pretty much everything else is up in the air.

So I have awhile to pick, the season is a long one. Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorry For the Delay

It has been awhile since my last entry, and for that...and sincerely apologize to all those HARDCORE!!! readers of my blog out there, which is 3.

Anyway, going off my last blog entry I did count the number of people whos birthday wishes were know, weird. And out of the total number of 32......only 4 were from those who I never talk to or haven't talked to since highschool. So I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. That may be because of my warning...but how many of those people actually read my blog? Maybe more than I think.

Anyway, lets move on to something else. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed that the Brett Favre (I almost spelled his name Farve, you know, it actually sounds?) looks real akward in Jets green instead of his normal Green Bay green. Everyone by now knows that I am not the biggest Brett fan...but he's just not the same guy when he's wearing the Jets uni, he looks different and I just don't think he'll be the same guy. Sure he says he feels like he made the right choice...but Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana, and even to an extent Jerry Rice, all made the same choice...but only Rice really showed any kind of ability after his departure from "his team."

My banana was turrible. I didn't know what to write about and Chad said write about the banana. So there you go.

I've decided that I need to start getting a better outlook on what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I am still in school, sorta. Taking 4 credit hours this upcoming semester and then probably 4 more the next doesn't really seem like a lot...and it isn't. But since NDC decided to hold classes that way and Cleveland State obviously lost or never received my transient application, I'll spend a full 6 years at NDC. What also sucks is that I'm not getting paid work study because I'm only taking 4 I'm practically doing my coaching help for free.

But anyway, right now I'm working at a job which is easy...real easy, and getting paid decent money. But I am going to need something else, something that pays more than $10 and gives me close to 40 hours a week when I need it...I probably just need a real job period, but it might be difficult to have with class and practice everyday. The coaching will help for a resume when I want a coaching job, but I can't really parlay that into a real job, unless I'm working for some upstart Division one program...but even those head cross country and track coaches porbably don't make enough to live off of.

So I need to keep sending my resume out. I was doing a good job of that during the summer, with no leads at all. I am extrememly interested in working for the NAIA or another sports agency such as that...but still not sure what exactly I want to do.

This is an extremely long subject...which I could go for days. But I am going to end here and start back up when the time is right.


Alright. I will try to do a better job of keeping this up to date. I know I have thoughts about a lot of stuff, but I have been away from my computer for awhile.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Don't Want No Cake on My Birthday...

...well cake would be nice, but my birthday is tomorrow...sooo, get on that.

Anyway, this is just a fair warning to all you people out there on Facebook who will be looking to send me a "Happy Birthday" message. If you don't really know me all that well, or haven't talked to me since middle school, or haven't really felt the need to even glance my way or smile at me in high school...I don't want your message.

Really I know that might be a little harsh, but I know it is coming. There will be one or two of those "hot" girls you stared at down the hall that would never give you the time of day or even think about saying "hi" to you as they passed you through their kingdom known as "Senior Year," that will inevitably send me a message on Facebook saying "Happy Birthday." Listen, I don't need your charity. I have plenty of friends, close friends, and even people who I still talk to on occasion when and if I get a chance to see them who are nice enough to chat for a few seconds even if they don't want to and say hi just because they know me and talked to me before (*deep breath*) that will write on my wall and make me feel good about myself. I don't have any need for those of you who think that you're going to be a nice person by writing me a thoughtless message on my wall in facebook. Now if you want to send me a present or some money in a card, by all means go for it...but don't think you're going to get a step up in my book because you wrote two words on a website that I happen to glance at everyday for a minute or two. But even as I say this I know I will get at least one or two of those messages...and you can be damn sure that I will tell you about it tomorrow...aka MY BIRTHDAY

So I will be sre to tally up every message I get a fill it into a category. Categories such as close friends, aquaintances...etc etc. I will make them up as the people appear on the screen. Who knows what great lines I can come up with.

But a future thanks to all of you who do take some time our of your busy days to wish me a happy birthday...those of you who I care to hear from. I don't want to sound like an asshole or a prick...but there are just some people who try way to hard, and it drive me nuts. I would say that 95% of you out there don't fall into the category that will irratate wish away my friends, wish away.

It'll be good to be back even though I turn 23 (aka Over the Hill) TOMORROW

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Knapik Is a Dipwad

No...I just told him that I was going to make that the title of my that is why it is.

Anyway. I recently heard some Charles Barkley, well some more Charles Barklel, on the radio this afternoon. He had some choice words for LeBron James:

When the radio DJ asked Sir Charles about the talk of LeBron and Kobe leaving for a European team and making a sweet $50 mil to play over there...

Charles: They make over $50 million over here in endorsements anyway, they aren't goin anywhere.

Then the radio host started talking about having lover for ones team and the subject of LeBron wearing the Yankee hat came up...again (x 50000000)

Charles: I don't try to justify people bein stupid. I think the Cavs are probably getting pissed off at him for not saying anything about it. He has two years left and he should let everyone know that he wants to stay.

Now I kinda agree with Sir Charles on the thing about the NBA stars going probably won't happen. But it still does not bother me that LBJ was wearing the Yankees hat. I mean, if it's your favorite team, and you've liked them ever since you were a child (which is what King James said they were), then I really don't care. I understand you should rep your city, but LBJ does enough around the Cleveland/Akron area to show his support. Hell, even if he didn't do as much as he does now, he's LeBron Freaking James and we shouldn't take for granted that he's here and saving the Cavs from being dead freaking last every year. So enjoy the ride damnit...didn't I already go over this? Thanks for beating a dead horse Sir Charles...

I still love you though


(oh and Chad, leave a comment...I mean all I have is like you, Knapik....and that's about it reading this thing. I don't even know if my own girlfriend, who I adore oh so very much!!!!, reads this thing.....SO LEAVE A DAMN COMMENT)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Farve...I mean Favre, to the Jets!?!? Thank God...

Hopefully this will be the tell all, end all in the Brett Favre (pronounced "Farve" for some particular reason, I don't get it either...).

I was getting pretty tired of hearing about what was going to happen, yadda yadda yadda. First of all, I have nevre (pronounced "never") been a huge fan of #4 (that's the number Favre wears) ever since last year where he basically left everyone in limbo until very late in the summer.

Basically, he can not go without being in the spotlight...which is pretty much what the entire summer was about. He successfully got the spotlight on himself when he retired...and then when he felt like everyone forgot about him or whatever, he decided to get the spotlight back by saying he wanted to come back. Then began a series of flip-flopping shenanigans that brought us to late last night/early this morning with him being traded to the Jets.

So congrats to him for taking up and abusing this summer in the sports world. I hope the Jets win 2 more games this year, with Kellen Clemens at the helm mind you, and go 6-10 and miss the playoffs...and then have Green Bay win 10 games with Aaron Rodgers and make the playoffs. And for those of you Favre fans who are looking to have him get some revenge on Green're going to have to wait until 2014, which is when the Jets finally play Green Bay. Who knows, by that time...maybe Favre will be ready (or not, well maybe...ok maybe not) to retire...

Its good to be back and its good for Aaron Rodgers to finally get his chance...don't let me down kid

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Homers (cont.)

First I would like to thank Chad Dobson for a great evening last night. And the tally battle begins...!

So back to where I was...where was I?

So Jim Rome. Contrary to what a lot of people think in Cleveland and maybe even Ohio in general, I adore Jim Rome. I mean how could you not like a guy who loves Charles Barkley? And we all know how much I love Sir Charles.

But going on, the reason why I bring Mr. Rome up in this blog is because of his remarks about Lebron James and how he is going to leave Cleveland once his contract is up in 2010. Well because he said this, a lot of Cleveland fans are upset and calling into the local shows complaining about the Jim Rome show making them turn off their radios from 12-3 (the time he is on) because he starts his show between 2 local Cleveland programs. Then that "Munch" guy who I was talking about goes on saying that he had an interview with Lebron, which he did, and he played the bit. Well Lebron says something in the ways of "I love this city" and "I want to bring a championship to Cleveland" and stuff like that. Listen, just because Lebron says he's "dedicated" to the task he came here for: to win the NBA championship, doesn't mean he isnt going to high-tail it out of here once his contract is up in 2010. Of course he's going to say that to a Cleveland DJ in a Cleveland sports interview.

What do you expect him to say?

Munch: So Lebron, there's a lot of talk about you leaving the city after your contract expires in 2010. Jim Rome has come on saying this will happen and that Cleveland better get ready for it now. What do you have to say about that?
Lebron: Oh well, he's right. I think that either Danny Ferry puts some help around me...and when I mean help I don't mean bringing in old, washed up guys like the Indians do...GO YANKESS...and by help I also don't mean resigning Sasha, and um...damn what's the dude's name with the hair...?
Munch: Ben Wallace?
Lebron: No the one who can't play much offense...
Munch: ...Ben Wallace?
Lebron: No the foreign kid, you know
Munch: Anderson Varejao?
Lebron: Thats the one, yea him, he's awful. Did you watch the championship game against the Spurs? What an idiot...anyway, thats the help I DONT need. So I will be gone in 2010 unless Ferry wakes up and gets me a perennial all-star Robin to my Batman
Munch: *cries*

Sooo, no. That's not what he would say. But he knows it, and we all should know it. If the Cavs fail to put any help or show that they have the ability to bring in another 5 star type player, then I don't blame him for leaving in 2010.

The Cavs and their fans should see some hope though. JJ Hickson is actually putting up big numbers in the summer league. Which doesn't exactly take your breath away...but remember Desagana Diop? He was averaging 8 points per game in the summer. Hickson will be a realiable big man for a long time and is very athletic. With the ages of our top big men being over 30, that a good, stable player we can put some of the burden on down the road.

Also, even though the Cavs have done nothing this summer in the ways of transactions, which they probably wont do unless they need something to put them over the hump again come the all-star break (can you say michael redd?), the Cavs do have a ton of money coming off the books when Lebrons contract is up in 2010. Here is a list of the contracts and how much they are worth:

Wally Szczerbiak: $13,000,000
Eric Snow: $7,310,000 (what a colossal mistake...WOW)
Joe Smith: $4,795,000
Damon Jones: $4,460,186
Anderson Varejao: $6,212,960 (player option, which mean he could stay, or go...please go)
Z: $11,541,074 (also a PO, whichi wouldn't mind keeping, he'll likely retire after this one)

Total: $25,105,000 (no player options included)
Total: $31,317,960 (AV's option included)
Total: $42,859,034 (Z's and AV's option included)

Just look at all that cash. Now understand we can also give Lebron the most money that anyone can give, because of the NBA's contract laws and bylaws. The fact of the matter is, we can sign a HUGE HUGE HUGE...did i mention huge?...all-star by this time to play alongside King James. Dwayne Wade makes the same salary as Lebron does and his contract ends at the same time. Barring any injuries, could you even imagine what Lebron and D-Wade could do on a basketball floor at the same time. A couple of other big name stars whos contracts are up in 2010 include: Joe Johnson, Jason Richardson, Dirk Nowitzki (PO), Josh Howard (team option), Rip Hamilton, Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, TJ Ford, Michael Redd (PO), Mike Miller, Eddy Curry, Quetin Richardson, Jamal Crawford, Shaq (een though he'll be quite, quite old), Amare Stoudemire, Manu Ginobili, Jermaine O'Neal, Chris Bosh (PO), Carlos Boozer (if he picks up his PO from the year before), and Mehmet Okur...just to name a few.

Could you imagine finding a way to bring in Bosh and possibly Joe Johnson? Or Rip Hamilton, Mike Miller, and Amare Stoudemire? How would free agents pass up the possibility to team with Lebron and possibly one or two other all-stars in route to a championship. Also knowing Hickson, Danile Gibson, and maybe Delonte West are still on the team...creating a young, yet deveoped core of players just looking for that ring, if they haven't won it already. The possibility is out there...

So there you go Cavs fans, better enjoy Lebron while he is here and not worry about what happens after the 2009-2010 season. Your lives are in Danny Ferry's hands...nervous?

Its good to be back and will be just as good in 2010...depending.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


You know I have come to realize that the more and more I listen to Cleveland sports talk shows, the more and more I begin to dislike listening to them

I was listening to the Tony Rizzo show, I believe, this afternoon on my way home and they were talking about having the possibility to interviewing John Elway because of some Hall of Fame thing going on in Canton. Well Rizzo was having none of it and asking callers and emailers to voice their opinion. After a bunch of callers saying "No" and emailers ripping Elway, Rizzo's co-host "Hammer" for wanting Elway, and just complaining in general about how "they won't listen to the show anymore" and Rizzo telling "Hammer" that he would never understand the heartbreak that Elway put us through.

For those who don't know...Elway took his Denver Broncos from his own 2 yard line and drove the final 98 yards in the AFC Championship game...dubbing the final minutes "The Drive" and killing the hopes and dreams of Cleveland fans, i guess.

But anyway, I dont understand why you wouldn't want Hall of Famer and without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks EVER on your show. The Elway feat happened in 1987, over 20 YEARS AGO. If you fans can't let it go, then thats ridiculous. If I had to hear Rizzo complain for another 30 seconds or hear some angry Clevelander call Elway "horse-face" and yadda yadda yadda, boo hoo us...I would've driven into oncoming traffic.

Another host, Mark "Munch" Bishop, I believe his full name a homer by far. The other day he had a caller who was trying to defend his point about getting Ron Artest and how a change of scenery might help him along with the Cavs if they had the guts to acquire him, which they didnt because Danny Ferry doesn't seem to want to try to improve our team at all, but i digress. "Munch" then went on to rip the guy about how Artest is a bad seed and will always be a bad seed. So the caller defended his point again by sayin how Randy Moss moving to the Patriots ended up being a great move and he turned out alright. "Munch" then went on to say how he once talked to Moss in college and about how this one time Moss jumped in on a black guy getting pounded by a group of white guys during his highschool days. Moss I guess jumped in to help which he was punished for. Munch said that he told Moss to then "take off your sunglasses and look me in the eye," which I guess "shocked" Randy, and then he asked "well what if it was a white guy getting jumped by a bunch of black guys?" Randy then responded to Munch's question "I would have done the same thing." Now this is where Munch went on some huge rant about how right then and there he KNEW Randy Moss was a great guy and all this BS. C'mon, lets be real. If you're interviewing Randy Moss, or ANYONE for that matter, about how he would handle that one would tell you "oh I'd let the white guy get pounded" or vise versa. That just annoyed me to my limits because Munch has no idea what he is talking about, ever...and just because Moss lied to his face, he thinks he knows Randy Moss better than the caller did....incredible.

I have to stop here and go to work...but don't you worry, I will continue this discussion by adding some Jim Rome and and I will continue to further my explanation of why I now extremely dislike Cleveland sports radio hosts...

Oh and Knapik, here is your shout out...and you can leave comments, I checked the just leave your comment and stop complaining. MARCO!

It's good to be back, but only when Jim Rome is on at 12-3 to break up the monotony of Cleveland Sports Talk.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

*Just a side note to everyone who reads my blog...If you want to make a comment, you can, and I welcome it. Just because you are not registered to this website does not mean you can't leave a comment. It will warm my heart to see that people are actually reading what I "blog" about*

And so it goes

I swear if I hear one more 40+ year old talk about how long "The Dark Knight" was, or how Christian Bale changes his voice when he is Batman, or how (here's a great one) Heath Ledger won't even win an "Elmo," (see the guy was making a joke on the radio...the host asked him about how Ledger played the Joker and this numbnuts said that all Ledger did was "lick his lips a lot" and then when the host asked "so no Oscar then?" the interviewee said "Oscar? He won't even win an Elmo!" you get it, I guess it's a Seasame Street reference) its just ridonkulous. I mean don't even mention the fact that the movie has grossed over $300 million in 10 days (not to mention the thousands of dollars it made movie theaters on popcorn, pop, and Sno-caps), but you old people need to relax. I am sorry that your bladders can't make it through the entire, grueling, two and a half hours. I mean, you sleep on average like, 8 hours a day. Do you wake up 4 times to go to the bathroom? If you do, see a doctor. But c'mon people...this is, and will be, the best movie for the next few years...always a critic.

Anywho, moving away from that subject, since it has literally taken over my blog completely, I want to move on to a more exciting subject, people, and how they act.

Now I get that you want people to like you and you want to have oodles and oodles of friends, but this is getting obsurd. And I am sure this is just how the world is, you will cross so many people in your lifetime that will act one way in front of you, and tear you down at the next board meeting the next...but peole need to start stepping up and taking the shit they deserve when you act like that. Like I said, I get that you don't want enemies and you want to be the nicest person and oooh and aaah and yay...but you drive me nuts, so cut the BS. This subject never really got on my nerves until last night when it struck me how people I know are acting...but I just can't understand what goes on in their heads when they want to be friends one minute, hold a death rally for you, and then have a pity party for themselves the next. Grow the f#!& up. (Am I allowed to swear on this website? I don't know if i ill censor it for all the under 13 year old's who cherish what I write.) Oh and another thing, I have nothing against homosexuals, I mean two girls making out and all that is AWESOME...but just because you are one, doesn't mean you get to touch my girlfriends dress or sit on her lap. Thank you, and kindly, get the hell out.

So I vow from now on to start being more real with people...the line from "The Real World" would fit well here but I can't remember how that beginning part goes...I just think it's a waste of their time, my time, and energy overall to be a liar and to be someone that people really can't trust or know what they are exactly thinking. I've never been one to be mean or to say what is on my mind a lot, and I think having the free reign of this site and writing will help me in that process. I'm sure down the road here I will offend some people with what I say or what I think, but that is just going to be a step in letting everyone know that I'm going to tell you how it is...most of the time...a little white lie here and there never hurt. I mean, I was "sick" and couldn't go to work the other day, but that really didn't waste my time or get what I'm saying.

So is everyone clear? Man up.

Oh and happy 21st birthday to my girlfriend...she had a great time, until like 2:30 AM...then she didnt...haha (should I even put "haha"? I don't know how to express a funny situation anymore without putting "Lol" or "Haha") Let's just say she would have rather slept on the rug in the bathroom than have me carry her nearly dead weight to her bed. It's all fun and games until the boyfriend has to take care of his 21st birthday girlfriend...but I'm glad she had a good night. I think she might get it again when her other roomate comes back as well, but we will see. Love you dear, "Lol"

Buy a mango.

It's getting better to be back.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Comforts of Home

I just wanted to take this time to express my new-found comfort of living away from home for more than a day.

In my girlfriend's last house, I wasn't as comfortable just "hanging out" for a day without going home at least once. Or if the possibility for me to stay home once a week appeared, I'd probably take it. But now, where she's at, I think is a better situation for her and me. Not saying that I hated the people that she lived with before, I'm friends with most of them, but I'm just better friends with everyone in the new house. You know what I'm saying, it's just a better situation overall...and it makes things a lot easier on me, her...and me and her combined, respectively.

So cheers to those who are making my life a little bit easier, because I appreciate it, and I know Jenny does as well. Should be a good year, and I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, I am about to go golfing here soon...then I'll be back in time to do something with Jenny I think, I'm not sure whats going on. I may have the chance to come back and write another blog when I get home, but maybe not. So I apologize that this isn't the in-depth look at a subject most people might be looking for. But I can't even tell if anyone is reading these or not yea, there you go. For all you haters, read my blog.

It's damn good to be back and where I am.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Few Days Hiatus

Alright I apologize for the long wait on my second entry. What's it been like, 2, 3 days? Anyway...obviously haven't been around my laptop...

So after seeing "The Dark Knight" three times now, it's safe to say that it will possibly be the best movie I have ever and will ever see. Granted my third viewing wasn't as good as the first and second time, but that's probably related to the fact that I had just seen it twice in four days and the time of when I went and saw it, againx2. but either way....its great.

Too bad for Heath because he could have made a killing ( pun intended) being the Joker, as he plays this role beyond perfection. I read reviews saying how the movie is too long and Christian Bale plays his role very stale or something like that, well movie critics are usually wrong when it comes to movies I they didn't disappoint me with those two negative comments. I don't know how you can give this movie a 3 out of 4 stars...which I saw in some magazine at work...because it is definitely the movie of the summer and will in likelihood be the movie of 2008. I really hope they continue and finish off with a trilogy. The only problem there is following up this movie, which will be quite difficult. Plus, bad guys are in short supply for the next flick, if they plan to make another.

The Joker could be portrayed again, but the industry better make sure they put in an actor who looks and sounds EXACTLY like Heath played it. Because if they don't, it won't be as good, and it will be a disappointment. Two-Face is dead, I guess...even though you never see him being buried or put into a casket of any kind. Just because they made it seem like he died, doesn't mean he really is. I mean all he did was fall on his back, the drop from that blown up building didn't seem too far. I mean Commissioner Gordon got shot and he's still maybe they could fadangle a story line where Harvey Dent (Two-Face) is still alive. I do not know the actors name who played him, but he did a good job in a third-wheel kinda role. Jim Carrey coming back as The Riddler would work for me. You figure he's older, speaking of Carrey, which would fit into this new scheme of "dark" movies they are coming out with. I just don't know how "dark" they could make the Riddler. Catwoman is out of the question, I know the foreshadowing of Morgan Freeman telling Bale his new suit would work "with cats" might push the plot in that direction, but I hope it doesn't. Catwoman will never be angry enough, evil enough, "dark" enough, to follow up "The Dark Knight."

It might almost be better to just let this movie be for awhile and come back when the chaos fad's over Heath's death and what a phenomenal job he did in this flick. But with Bale coming out with the new Terminator movie it might want to scoop him up before Terminator gains speed....BOOOOOO.

So there you go, my second blog...which probably has the same theme as a million other people's in the cyber world. Hopefully I come back a little bit earlier with my next take. I'll probably want to talk about the Cavs and Lebron soon, because everything going on around this team is annoying...but I'll save that for another day.

It's good to be back

Monday, July 21, 2008

Post 1

So this is officially my first post on my first blog...ever.

I'm not going to make this an extreme post, just something to get everyone acclimated to fact that I am doing this again. I am really not sure how many people will actually read what I have to say, but I am sure if I add some kind of funny anecdote, witty humor, or bold sense of my feelings for a touchy subject, maybe more people will read and continue to do so.

If you haven't noticed I based my whole blog layout, for the most part, on the recent Batman movie "The Dark Knight," which was I recommend. I hope I'm not messing with any copyright infringements or anything of that nature. Not that I'll be looking to have my posts and takes on the nightly news...

So there you have it, just a little teaser to get you...and me, started. Maybe I'll come back tonight or in the next hour and give a take on something...or maybe you'll just have to wait.

It's good to be back.