Saturday, August 23, 2008

THE TELLER.....dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!

I came upon the same problem today as I do every time I make the trip to the bank, the bank teller.

Now I don't know if anyone else really has this problem, but it is just something that is potentially awkward.

So you know when you go inside the bank and sit in that maze of a line then walk up to the teller when they say "I can help you down here"? So you get there, hand over whatever it is you have and tell them whatever it is you want to do...then you stand...and stand...and stare.

What are you supposed to do at this point? Today it took my teller a little longer than usual to put money into my checking account and dish out the remainder of it to me, and she kept giving these weird looks with her eyes and face at her computer screen. This is the problem. I'm not sure if I am supposed to look right at the teller while she does all the work or find somewhere else to look while she does her job.

I can't imagine that anyone would want someone, or possibly 50 some people staring at them while they do their job...but what else am I supposed to do? So I started to look around, like I always do. Stare at the other people in the bank, look and see myself in the camera, turn around and act like I'm stretching, fiddle around with my wallet and glance over my gift cards 10 times each just to make sure they are there, and casually glance back at the teller...that strained look on her brow.

So now that I actually looked today, I'm worried that there is something wrong with my account and the teller decided not to tell me. So as I sit here, about an hour after I made it back from my awkward trip, I wonder if I'm going to lose all my money in my account. Either that or she noticed my last few payments for the 7/11 and Bud Light cases of beer. She probably just wonders what I'm doing with my life and feels terrible that I'm wasting away precious moments....I just about made myself cry there.

The camera is something else that makes me sweat. That is just something else that makes you worry about where you put your hands, how intensively you glance over at the huge security safe behind the desk, and just how dumb your outfit looks as you stand there. Now the FirstMerit here in Cleveland show you on TV when the camera switches over to your teller bank in Twinsburg, does not. I'm not sure if I like the TV or least the TV gives me something else to look at while the teller pounds away at the keyboard wondering why this young adult still can't remember his checking or savings account number. I'm just waiting for the moment to come when the camera swings on me and the security officer leaps over the back from under the desk (where the hell did he come from? Does he live down there?), or the teller to hit that secret red button under the desk (you see it on TV all the time, so I figure it's there) and the cops to come flying in to arrest me for staring to hard at the teller while she plugs numbers into her 1995 Apple computer. "I wasn't trying to figure out passcodes officer, it's just so damn awkward up here...."

So I'm not really sure if anyone else has this problem...but let's just say I was ecstatic to leave...yet still unable to figure out who or where to look at when exiting the building.

It's good to be back...

...from the bank

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Slideshow

I was responsible, by my own caring thoughts, of making a slideshow for the NDC cross country team last season, which includes an opening song, 2 faster songs, and a slower song at the end.

I have thought about doing it again, since I will be helping out as coach. And have started making a list of songs that I may choose from for the show.

I started out last years show with a entry music, where I showed who was on the team and all the beginning welcoming stuff. I used the Chicago Bulls theme song last year, and so I don't use the same stuff over and over again...I have been looking for a new beginning theme. Now take it the opening will probably be a minute or two, so I can't have a 3-4 minute song there. I have found a couple ones that might work which include the following:

Pirates of the Caribbean theme song (sounds gay, but works really well)
Fox Sports NFL theme song
Sandstorm from DDR

I am still looking into finding other short clips to use. I heard the Men's basketball theme song today after the Olympic Games and might look into using that one as well.

As for the short list of fast songs I have taken from my iTunes includes the following:

Runnin' Wild - Airbourne
Becoming the Bull - Atreyu
Falling Down - Atreyu
Never Forget Me - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (a lot of swearing, looking for cleaner version)
Follow -Breaking Benjamin
We Made It - Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park
Indestructible - Disiturbed
This Moment - Disturbed
The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Superman - Goldfinger
Faint - Linkin Park
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Typical - Muth Math
Boom - P.O.D.
Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva
Click Click Boom - Saliva
List of Demands - Saul Williams
Devour - Shinedown
I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty
Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty

My list of "slower" songs, which is actually short, which needs to elongate, is:

Hold My Hand - Hootie and the Blowfish
Time After Time - Quietdrive
I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly
Fly Like an Eagle - Seal
Right Now - Van Halen

Now as you ca see there is a wide variety of songs here. The thing is, they can't just be upbeat songs...they need to have words that work well with running as well. There has to be some way can relate pictures to the words of the song that is playing. So for all three of you that read this blog on occasion, or once every two weeks...your input is needed. If there is a song you like to run to and think might work, let me know, or if you really like one of the songs on here, let me know. I am leaning towards using the Pirates theme song at the beginning and pretty much everything else is up in the air.

So I have awhile to pick, the season is a long one. Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorry For the Delay

It has been awhile since my last entry, and for that...and sincerely apologize to all those HARDCORE!!! readers of my blog out there, which is 3.

Anyway, going off my last blog entry I did count the number of people whos birthday wishes were know, weird. And out of the total number of 32......only 4 were from those who I never talk to or haven't talked to since highschool. So I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. That may be because of my warning...but how many of those people actually read my blog? Maybe more than I think.

Anyway, lets move on to something else. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed that the Brett Favre (I almost spelled his name Farve, you know, it actually sounds?) looks real akward in Jets green instead of his normal Green Bay green. Everyone by now knows that I am not the biggest Brett fan...but he's just not the same guy when he's wearing the Jets uni, he looks different and I just don't think he'll be the same guy. Sure he says he feels like he made the right choice...but Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana, and even to an extent Jerry Rice, all made the same choice...but only Rice really showed any kind of ability after his departure from "his team."

My banana was turrible. I didn't know what to write about and Chad said write about the banana. So there you go.

I've decided that I need to start getting a better outlook on what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I am still in school, sorta. Taking 4 credit hours this upcoming semester and then probably 4 more the next doesn't really seem like a lot...and it isn't. But since NDC decided to hold classes that way and Cleveland State obviously lost or never received my transient application, I'll spend a full 6 years at NDC. What also sucks is that I'm not getting paid work study because I'm only taking 4 I'm practically doing my coaching help for free.

But anyway, right now I'm working at a job which is easy...real easy, and getting paid decent money. But I am going to need something else, something that pays more than $10 and gives me close to 40 hours a week when I need it...I probably just need a real job period, but it might be difficult to have with class and practice everyday. The coaching will help for a resume when I want a coaching job, but I can't really parlay that into a real job, unless I'm working for some upstart Division one program...but even those head cross country and track coaches porbably don't make enough to live off of.

So I need to keep sending my resume out. I was doing a good job of that during the summer, with no leads at all. I am extrememly interested in working for the NAIA or another sports agency such as that...but still not sure what exactly I want to do.

This is an extremely long subject...which I could go for days. But I am going to end here and start back up when the time is right.


Alright. I will try to do a better job of keeping this up to date. I know I have thoughts about a lot of stuff, but I have been away from my computer for awhile.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Don't Want No Cake on My Birthday...

...well cake would be nice, but my birthday is tomorrow...sooo, get on that.

Anyway, this is just a fair warning to all you people out there on Facebook who will be looking to send me a "Happy Birthday" message. If you don't really know me all that well, or haven't talked to me since middle school, or haven't really felt the need to even glance my way or smile at me in high school...I don't want your message.

Really I know that might be a little harsh, but I know it is coming. There will be one or two of those "hot" girls you stared at down the hall that would never give you the time of day or even think about saying "hi" to you as they passed you through their kingdom known as "Senior Year," that will inevitably send me a message on Facebook saying "Happy Birthday." Listen, I don't need your charity. I have plenty of friends, close friends, and even people who I still talk to on occasion when and if I get a chance to see them who are nice enough to chat for a few seconds even if they don't want to and say hi just because they know me and talked to me before (*deep breath*) that will write on my wall and make me feel good about myself. I don't have any need for those of you who think that you're going to be a nice person by writing me a thoughtless message on my wall in facebook. Now if you want to send me a present or some money in a card, by all means go for it...but don't think you're going to get a step up in my book because you wrote two words on a website that I happen to glance at everyday for a minute or two. But even as I say this I know I will get at least one or two of those messages...and you can be damn sure that I will tell you about it tomorrow...aka MY BIRTHDAY

So I will be sre to tally up every message I get a fill it into a category. Categories such as close friends, aquaintances...etc etc. I will make them up as the people appear on the screen. Who knows what great lines I can come up with.

But a future thanks to all of you who do take some time our of your busy days to wish me a happy birthday...those of you who I care to hear from. I don't want to sound like an asshole or a prick...but there are just some people who try way to hard, and it drive me nuts. I would say that 95% of you out there don't fall into the category that will irratate wish away my friends, wish away.

It'll be good to be back even though I turn 23 (aka Over the Hill) TOMORROW

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Knapik Is a Dipwad

No...I just told him that I was going to make that the title of my that is why it is.

Anyway. I recently heard some Charles Barkley, well some more Charles Barklel, on the radio this afternoon. He had some choice words for LeBron James:

When the radio DJ asked Sir Charles about the talk of LeBron and Kobe leaving for a European team and making a sweet $50 mil to play over there...

Charles: They make over $50 million over here in endorsements anyway, they aren't goin anywhere.

Then the radio host started talking about having lover for ones team and the subject of LeBron wearing the Yankee hat came up...again (x 50000000)

Charles: I don't try to justify people bein stupid. I think the Cavs are probably getting pissed off at him for not saying anything about it. He has two years left and he should let everyone know that he wants to stay.

Now I kinda agree with Sir Charles on the thing about the NBA stars going probably won't happen. But it still does not bother me that LBJ was wearing the Yankees hat. I mean, if it's your favorite team, and you've liked them ever since you were a child (which is what King James said they were), then I really don't care. I understand you should rep your city, but LBJ does enough around the Cleveland/Akron area to show his support. Hell, even if he didn't do as much as he does now, he's LeBron Freaking James and we shouldn't take for granted that he's here and saving the Cavs from being dead freaking last every year. So enjoy the ride damnit...didn't I already go over this? Thanks for beating a dead horse Sir Charles...

I still love you though


(oh and Chad, leave a comment...I mean all I have is like you, Knapik....and that's about it reading this thing. I don't even know if my own girlfriend, who I adore oh so very much!!!!, reads this thing.....SO LEAVE A DAMN COMMENT)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Farve...I mean Favre, to the Jets!?!? Thank God...

Hopefully this will be the tell all, end all in the Brett Favre (pronounced "Farve" for some particular reason, I don't get it either...).

I was getting pretty tired of hearing about what was going to happen, yadda yadda yadda. First of all, I have nevre (pronounced "never") been a huge fan of #4 (that's the number Favre wears) ever since last year where he basically left everyone in limbo until very late in the summer.

Basically, he can not go without being in the spotlight...which is pretty much what the entire summer was about. He successfully got the spotlight on himself when he retired...and then when he felt like everyone forgot about him or whatever, he decided to get the spotlight back by saying he wanted to come back. Then began a series of flip-flopping shenanigans that brought us to late last night/early this morning with him being traded to the Jets.

So congrats to him for taking up and abusing this summer in the sports world. I hope the Jets win 2 more games this year, with Kellen Clemens at the helm mind you, and go 6-10 and miss the playoffs...and then have Green Bay win 10 games with Aaron Rodgers and make the playoffs. And for those of you Favre fans who are looking to have him get some revenge on Green're going to have to wait until 2014, which is when the Jets finally play Green Bay. Who knows, by that time...maybe Favre will be ready (or not, well maybe...ok maybe not) to retire...

Its good to be back and its good for Aaron Rodgers to finally get his chance...don't let me down kid

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Homers (cont.)

First I would like to thank Chad Dobson for a great evening last night. And the tally battle begins...!

So back to where I was...where was I?

So Jim Rome. Contrary to what a lot of people think in Cleveland and maybe even Ohio in general, I adore Jim Rome. I mean how could you not like a guy who loves Charles Barkley? And we all know how much I love Sir Charles.

But going on, the reason why I bring Mr. Rome up in this blog is because of his remarks about Lebron James and how he is going to leave Cleveland once his contract is up in 2010. Well because he said this, a lot of Cleveland fans are upset and calling into the local shows complaining about the Jim Rome show making them turn off their radios from 12-3 (the time he is on) because he starts his show between 2 local Cleveland programs. Then that "Munch" guy who I was talking about goes on saying that he had an interview with Lebron, which he did, and he played the bit. Well Lebron says something in the ways of "I love this city" and "I want to bring a championship to Cleveland" and stuff like that. Listen, just because Lebron says he's "dedicated" to the task he came here for: to win the NBA championship, doesn't mean he isnt going to high-tail it out of here once his contract is up in 2010. Of course he's going to say that to a Cleveland DJ in a Cleveland sports interview.

What do you expect him to say?

Munch: So Lebron, there's a lot of talk about you leaving the city after your contract expires in 2010. Jim Rome has come on saying this will happen and that Cleveland better get ready for it now. What do you have to say about that?
Lebron: Oh well, he's right. I think that either Danny Ferry puts some help around me...and when I mean help I don't mean bringing in old, washed up guys like the Indians do...GO YANKESS...and by help I also don't mean resigning Sasha, and um...damn what's the dude's name with the hair...?
Munch: Ben Wallace?
Lebron: No the one who can't play much offense...
Munch: ...Ben Wallace?
Lebron: No the foreign kid, you know
Munch: Anderson Varejao?
Lebron: Thats the one, yea him, he's awful. Did you watch the championship game against the Spurs? What an idiot...anyway, thats the help I DONT need. So I will be gone in 2010 unless Ferry wakes up and gets me a perennial all-star Robin to my Batman
Munch: *cries*

Sooo, no. That's not what he would say. But he knows it, and we all should know it. If the Cavs fail to put any help or show that they have the ability to bring in another 5 star type player, then I don't blame him for leaving in 2010.

The Cavs and their fans should see some hope though. JJ Hickson is actually putting up big numbers in the summer league. Which doesn't exactly take your breath away...but remember Desagana Diop? He was averaging 8 points per game in the summer. Hickson will be a realiable big man for a long time and is very athletic. With the ages of our top big men being over 30, that a good, stable player we can put some of the burden on down the road.

Also, even though the Cavs have done nothing this summer in the ways of transactions, which they probably wont do unless they need something to put them over the hump again come the all-star break (can you say michael redd?), the Cavs do have a ton of money coming off the books when Lebrons contract is up in 2010. Here is a list of the contracts and how much they are worth:

Wally Szczerbiak: $13,000,000
Eric Snow: $7,310,000 (what a colossal mistake...WOW)
Joe Smith: $4,795,000
Damon Jones: $4,460,186
Anderson Varejao: $6,212,960 (player option, which mean he could stay, or go...please go)
Z: $11,541,074 (also a PO, whichi wouldn't mind keeping, he'll likely retire after this one)

Total: $25,105,000 (no player options included)
Total: $31,317,960 (AV's option included)
Total: $42,859,034 (Z's and AV's option included)

Just look at all that cash. Now understand we can also give Lebron the most money that anyone can give, because of the NBA's contract laws and bylaws. The fact of the matter is, we can sign a HUGE HUGE HUGE...did i mention huge?...all-star by this time to play alongside King James. Dwayne Wade makes the same salary as Lebron does and his contract ends at the same time. Barring any injuries, could you even imagine what Lebron and D-Wade could do on a basketball floor at the same time. A couple of other big name stars whos contracts are up in 2010 include: Joe Johnson, Jason Richardson, Dirk Nowitzki (PO), Josh Howard (team option), Rip Hamilton, Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, TJ Ford, Michael Redd (PO), Mike Miller, Eddy Curry, Quetin Richardson, Jamal Crawford, Shaq (een though he'll be quite, quite old), Amare Stoudemire, Manu Ginobili, Jermaine O'Neal, Chris Bosh (PO), Carlos Boozer (if he picks up his PO from the year before), and Mehmet Okur...just to name a few.

Could you imagine finding a way to bring in Bosh and possibly Joe Johnson? Or Rip Hamilton, Mike Miller, and Amare Stoudemire? How would free agents pass up the possibility to team with Lebron and possibly one or two other all-stars in route to a championship. Also knowing Hickson, Danile Gibson, and maybe Delonte West are still on the team...creating a young, yet deveoped core of players just looking for that ring, if they haven't won it already. The possibility is out there...

So there you go Cavs fans, better enjoy Lebron while he is here and not worry about what happens after the 2009-2010 season. Your lives are in Danny Ferry's hands...nervous?

Its good to be back and will be just as good in 2010...depending.