Friday, December 26, 2008

Fat Joke

Alright, I don't know how many of you truly enjoy reality TV.

I do enjoy some of it, there is some decent drama on there that may actually be real, instead of scripted, that's always good for a yuck or two...but some things get a little out of hand.

A show on that point would be this new one called "Ruby".

It is about a extremely large lady and it looks into her life on he is losing all this weight and the troubles she goes through and yadda yadda yadda.

Now...this just infuriates me to no end. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are dealing with weight issues...most of them because of their own lack of ability to put down the fork..and other because of a certain disease or genetic effect or whatever. Why they chose this lady is beyond me.

I say, if you're going to make a show about someone like this, you find someone with an actual "problem" not someone who nearly ate themselves to death because they couldn't control their own habits.

A line that really got me was when Ruby said something along the lines of "once I got to 700-some-odd pound, I knew it was time to do something."


You mean at 400 pounds you thought it was ok?

At 500 pounds you were just a regular overweight person?

At 600 pounds you figured what would another 100 pounds mean?


If you eat yourself to that state, you don't deserve to have TV crew come in and make you a star on cable, you deserve a kick in the ass and a "What the hell are you doing to yourself?!"

Great, she's losing weight, SAVING HER LIFE. But she doesn't deserve a TV show for it.

This kind of topic really gets to me, it really does. I can understand feeling bad about yourself, getting into a funk, losing a loved one, your job, your house...sometimes shit happens and eating is a way people deal with it. I can almost understand gaining 50 pounds to 100 pounds (huge stretch for me), because of all that I mentioned. But 200? 300 pounds? There is nothing you can say, past a genetic effect or disease, that makes that right...ever.

If you weigh in access of 400 pounds and you aren't 7'5"...then you need to get some help. There are offensive lineman in the NFL who close in on the 400 pound mark, and they are considered fat, and out of shape...if you're a normal person, with a normal desk job, that's unnecessary.

Diets aren't for everyone, running isn't for everyone...but getting up and walking for a half hour is easy and "for" everyone. You don't need to go run 4 miles or workout at the gym every single day of your life for 3 hours to stay at a normal weight.

"Put down the fork"

I'm sorry if this offends someone. But cmon. If you stand by and let a loved one or friend eat themselves to death, then you're just as much to blame as they are. Ask them what's going on, see if you can help. It's time for some tough love. Americans are getting larger every year...I mean I love food, I love to eat, in excess, but tell me you don't look in the mirror at 50 pounds overweight and go..."Wow, I need to cut down a bit."

Tell me at 100+ pounds overweight you don't get in the shower and think "What am I doing to myself?"

You can't tell me a normal person wouldn't be able to see what he/she was doing. You cannot be blind to things like that.

Maybe Ruby will give people at her stage in life a fighting chance...but the fact of the matter is, it should of never gone to that point, ever. 700+ pounds is laughable if you did that to yourself.

When you need more than a normal person scale to weigh have to get a clue...

..not a TV show.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Triumph Over Turmoil

The Dallas Cowboys will make it to the 2009 playoffs.

Book it.

Then they are on their own...I can only do so much.

The insanity that has come from the media surrounding this team is almost too much to bear. If the team wasn't under a microscope constantly, half the stuff that comes out of Dallas would actually stay in Dallas.

After all the talk about T.O. and the receivers having a fit about the Romo/Witten connection, the Boys come out and beat up on the Giants 20-8...looking real good in the process, defensively at least.

During this time you could see Romo, Witten, and yes T.O. chatting it up, smiling on the sidelines like nothing has gone wrong. Romo said afterwards that T.O. made it all up to take some tension off...whether that's true or not is to be seen...but I wouldn't put it past Owens.

The defense stepped up big and pummeled Peyton's younger brother for 8 sacks and holding them to less than 250 yards of total offense. That is the kind of effort that will put a team into the playoffs and one, hopefully, that will extend their stay.

Neither Witten nor T.O. caught many passes, 5 and 3 respectively, but one of the other "disgruntled" WR's did, Patrick Crayton, for a harm there. Romo wasn't himself early, but mainly because the underachieving O-line wasn't doing their job, again. On one play it looked as if half of them didn't know the play even started...which includes the man they just signed to a new deal, Marc Colombo, which costs the Cowboys a safety...but to no avail for the Giants.

So whats the media going to do now? The Cowboys have won 4 of their past 5 games...even throughout the entire PacMan and upset T.O. problems. You think they can leave them alone now? Probably not...probably not until they pull it together completely and win a game, or 2, or 3, in the playoffs. T.O. isn't getting any younger, he wants to win now, he needs to win now. This is a perfect chance for Dallas to slip by some struggling NFC teams like the Giants, Cardinals, and Eagles and blow into the Super Bowl by playing their best football late.

Oh and props to Demarcus Ware, who is having a Pro Bowl caliber season. He is only 3.5 (or 2.5 depending on how you view it) sacks away from tying Michael Strahan's single season sack record. As mentioned, it may only be 2.5 sacks away if good ole Brett FaVRE didn't fall down to allow Strahan to touch him down for his record breaking sack. Another reason why I dislike number 4. I'll get to him at a later date...he nearly threw the Jets out of the playoffs this past Sunday...god damn JP Losman...god damn Bills offensive coordinator...should be drug out into the street and shot...all you need is 5 yards, first down, 3 kneel downs, game over...nah lets roll out...we've only been killing them on the ground....Marshawn Lynch hitting 4 yards the entire drive...yea, lets roll out....

But like I said, that's for another day.

So my Browns won't make the playoffs and I will be 5 dollars cheaper because of it...but the Cowboys can end my sorrow with a playoff berth, a playoff win, and maybe even a Super Bowl...if T.O. can "stay happy."

Out and "Disgruntled"...I think I'll have a "meeting" with the Blog Coordinator to understand why Facebook Notes gets more attention than I do

Pass or Play?

The Family Feud.

It comes on a few times on and after 10 in the morning and even though I can't really listen to the TVs at work, I still watch it from time to time...just to pass the time.

But something gets to me every time I watch that program.

The show begins by two people from each team coming up to a buzzer in the middle of the floor with the host asking a question, having them list the top 4-7 top answers of 100 people. Whoever buzzes first and/or correctly picks the top answer wins the ability for his/her team to either pass onto the other team or play and try to find the other remaining answers.

Well everyone always "plays"...always.

I watched the show today for a half hour and this one family, who actually ended up winning the game because the other family was just awful, would "play" every time they won the first opening buzzer question. 3 times they won, 3 times they couldn't fill the entire board, and once they only got one answer of 7...that answer coming from the very first person who answered the very first challenge question to gain control.

Now like I said, it was a good thing for them that the other family was "turrible" and couldn't find a decent answer to steal any points away...but I still don't understand why you can't look at each other and say "I have no idea what any of these answers will be...and there's no way that they'll get them either."

Now sure, I understand that if you even get one this family did...and the other family can't get an answer either...then you win the small amount of points that come with your answer. But if you can strategically pass off the "big boards" I'll call them, those with 7 possible answers, and play the "smaller boards" with only can win more points in a quicker amount of time. Plus, giving the 7 board answers to the other family, gives you the whole time to find a great answer between your whole family or whoever you picked to join you on your side, to steal the points away. The longer the game goes, the more points the answers become in the game...I just don't understand going for answers when you have no idea what is going on.

The family that I was talking about who won the first round of the game did not win the $20,000 possible at the end of the kidding? This part of the show you pick 2 people, one at a time goes, and they have to give their best answer to 6 questions in a certain amount of time. Then the second person goes and if you can get 200 points, you win $20,000. Well after one person they had 17 points....17 points! Being around 100 is ideal because well, that's halfway to 200...which splits it up nice. I think they ended with around 89 or so points...but it was just a disaster. Thing is, they get to come back again after winning, because that's the perk you get...lucky them. Those rag-tag group of individuals will get walloped by a family with a decent amount of social knowledge....its ridiculous.

I'm just saying, this is my opinion. I'm sure if I had to pick people to come on me with that show it would be my gf, 2 brothers, mom and dad...which is how I'm sure everyone picks it. But with that group I would hope we could get some good answers. And we would be smart about whether to "pass or play"

"We'll pass"