Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frustration Boils Over After PiR First Loss

The Price is Right was dealt their first loss of the season 59-63 against Firehouse.

Tensions boiled over in the locker room after the game.  Team captain and coach Jason Hunter, who recently returned from a sprained MCL (0 points in 15 minutes), was talking to reporters after the game but was quickly stalled after Brandon Hunter and Andy Kempf interrupted.

"Fine me! Fine me then!" Brandon yelled from across the locker room, "This was a joke, an absolute joke! Damn ref has it out for us! (Expletive) him and (expletive) him for helping us lose tonight!"

Kempf responded in turn, "He's the worst referee in the league, the absolute worst!  There's nothing we can do when we are playing six on five!  He's a piece of (expletive)!

When reporters turned back to Jason, he could only shake his head with his eyes to the floor, "It's a shame to battle so hard...you can see the fire these guys play with.  It's tough to lose like we did.  We didn't execute as well as we could have...I'm still not 100%," he shook his head again, "it's tough."

The good guys played with limited numbers again.  Kyle Komer and Ryan Stuver were both unavailable again and as he stated before, Jason Hunter did not look the same on the floor and limited himself to less than 15 minutes during the game.

As fired up as Brandon Hunter was, he was just as hot from the floor in the first half, hitting on 4 of 9 from three point range and 2 of 5 elsewhere.  He also added a free throw for a 17 point half.  Mike Petrilli found some open spaces, driving to the basket for open looks and added all of his 7 points in the first half as well.  It wasn't quite enough as the PiR went to halftime down by two, 30-32.

The team battled the rest of the way, having a chance at consecutive three's after Petrilli stole an inbound pass, but the contested three was off the mark and so went the perfect season.

There were some questionable calls throughout the evening and a stretch where it seemed some make up calls were given, but it is nothing the team has not seemingly dealt with in the past. 

The younger Hunter and Kempf will likely be fined for their comments.

The Price is Right takes on Shawn Kemps Kids next Monday at 6:30.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Subs, No Problem

The Price is Right continued their winning ways this past Monday, finishing off CMS 65-63, in a game that should not have been as close as it was.

With only 5 able bodies to dress...again...the PiR jumped out to an early 37-31 lead, yet had an even bigger advantage leading by more than 10 only 10 minutes into the first half.

Then the three's came.

CMS made 8 three pointers in the first half, bringing them back from what seemed to be an early defeat.  They only made two the rest of the way, which proved to be huge for the home team.

With Ryan Stuver and Jason Hunter out, and Rob Cruise still unable to play, Kyle Komer (6 points, 7 rebounds, 10 assists), Brandon Hunter (27 points), Kerry Hunter (12 points, 6 rebounds), Andy Kempf (12 points, 12 rebounds), and Mike Petrilli (8 points) had to carry the entire load.

CMS made a run late in the second half, having a player to sub, gave them a bit of an advantage later in the game.  The PiR became slightly winded, and struggled on both ends of the floor, losing communication on defense and ball movement and legs on the offensive end.

"It's been tough," Kerry said afterward, "we've had guys stepping up though when needed.  It's bringing us closer together as a team."

Mike Petrilli and Andy Kempf have seen the largest increase in minutes due to the lack of able bodied individuals.  Both playing the full 40 minutes the past two games, both players have filled big shoes.

"Sure it gets to you late in the game, you just have to pick your spots," Andy said this week, "you just need to communicate when you can't quite get to a spot, or need help on defense.  It's helping me get into great shape though."

The team is hoping to have Ryan Stuver back from his two game hiatus next week, but will likely be without Kyle Komer as he travels back overseas for competition.  Coach and captain Jason Hunter is now listed as "questionable" for the game, but it is more likely that he sits for a third straight week.

"I've been biking, knee strengthening, it's a process.  But I don't want to come back too soon and end up hurting myself again.  The team doctors and I take it day by day.  We will brace it up once I come back, but you want the strength to be there."  Jason said during a radio interview this week.

"It kills me to sit though," he continued, "I hate watching and not playing.  I think the crowd sees a new side of me.  I use all the energy I would be using playing, by being as loud as I can on the bench."

The Price is Right plays Firehouse this coming Monday at 6:30.  The good guys moved to 6-0 on the regular season.

Firehouse was 4-1 as of this writing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Injury Woes - Team Rolls On

The Price is Right has moved to 5-0 despite losing Coach Jason Hunter to a sprained right MCL and other members to oversea contracts.

The good guys downed Wacky Waver 41-35 on January 6th, but lost Coach Hunter in the process.

The report from the team doctors indicate that he has a sprain of the MCL ligament on his right knee.  He missed this past Mondays game and will likely sit out the following game as well, if only for precautionary reasons.

The teams shooting woes continue to be an issue, although they are winning.  The PiR has only made 9 three pointers, three coming in each consectutive game, the past three games combining for a 9 of 54 streak.  The team is only shooting 26% from beyond the arc this season.

"It's an issue, in a way," Brandon Hunter said after the 63-55 win this past week against NBN #2, "but we are winning.  So you take the good with the bad right now...but we have to turn that around."

The PiR are shooting better from everywhere else.  A 46% field goal percentage and a 67% free throw percentage, though not ideal, have helped them win a handful of games.  Brandon Hunter took 15 free throws alone during the past game, hitting 12 of them.

The Price is Right will continue playing games, though the roster is limited.  We have already mentioned Jason Hunter's injury, and the team was again with Rob Cruise as he continues his play overseas.  Kyle Komer was out as well and will miss the next two games of January as his overseas play begins to pick up.  Ryan Stuver was also out this past week with an illness.

The team went back to a familiar face in Johno Reminder on a 10 day contract.  He played the entirety of this past game (10 points, 6 rebounds) and will likely be a part of the rotation next week as well.

The Price is Right are banged up and low on numbers, but continue to find ways to win.

Lets hope that line continues.