Thursday, January 21, 2010

Angry rant...

Probably the first truly emotional post I will have had on this blog...because I'm just in that mood, and the right music is playing on my iPod....

This Haiti crap is getting ridiculous.

If I hear anyone else go on about how we shouldn't be sending help, we have people here to worry about, and all that s*$!, I'm gonna flip.

You can tell this will be an emotional post, because I don't plan on grammer or proper spelling of words to get in my way. I will capitalize all of the I's however...

You know I get it. We do have people who are hungry here, who need help here...but honestly, Haiti was the poorest country and worst off in the world BEFORE the earthquake hit. So the big ole USA, the one that comes and helps everyone else out, the one who comes in and shows their brute force...can't show our softer side to help people out in need when it doesn't involve violence?

What you don't think people would come help us out if something like this happened to us? News reports all around the world were on our side when 9/11 happened. I'm not sure if anyone sent any aid to us, I mean it's not like half of our country was destroyed by some catasrophic disaster, but people everywhere mourned with us, for us...the best we could do is repay those kind thoughts and prayers.

We are still finding people in the rubble in Haiti. I'm pretty sure I just saw a report yesterday about finding more survivors...and it's been what? Close to a week? I mean that is incredible a heart-felt story.

And even loved ones find other loved ones, there sometimes isn't anything they can do for them if they are badly hurt...but lay out in the dirty, broken road and wait...mostly wait to die, as not enough help is coming.

All these old, well-off government types talking about "we don't need to help," "we shouldn't help," Haiti...are absolutely, 100% ridiculous. So you're telling me, if they had friends, relatives, loved ones, crying out for help over there...that they wouldn't feel differently? Absurd, absolutely re-f'ing-diculous. They'd be the first to point a finger and say we weren't doing enough, why aren't we doing more. Remember Katrina? As poorly managed that disaster was, it didn't kill nearly as many...but people were up in arms about how slow we were to help our own we are doing too much? You can never do too much. Not when it comes to this. Ever.

No. You're right, we just pull everyone back out. Sorry Haiti, we can't help ya. You know we have like some economic crisis right now right? Yea, we understand your country is basically rubble...but we got too many problems of our own right now to send you clean water and food to eat...this is just out of our hands.

Imagine that. Imagine the national media people going balistic if thats what we did. That small majority of people would be all "bravo", idiotically...but the rest of the US? No way anyone would stand for that BS. No-freaking-way.

I've donated already. I'm poor and I've donated already. Not much, not nearly anything that will drastically help, but if I get the chance to do more, I will. I most certainly will. Those people need all the help they can get right now. The difference over there is they literally started with very little, nothing even. Now most have the latter.

So those of you who are bitter, stay bitter. But when you fall into some huge crisis and people come back and remember what you did for them in their time of think they'll be willing to help you out? Lend a hand? Have a heart people, honestly. We all need each other in this crazy ass world. Stuff like this happens to good people, people who don't need stuff like this to happen, and if you can sit there with your hands in your pockets shrugging away..."oh well!"...then I won't feel bad for you when you're looking for sympathy.

I have successfully added a "widget" for the Haiti relief. Any donations made have been secured to the people of Haiti as according to this website. It'll be up for awhile. Long after this story leaves our news, the people over there will still be rebuilding, will still be suffering, and it sucks. It would suck if it were us, the most we can do is take a step back and just observe this situation.

If you want the US to lead the world, it's time for us to step up and show how true of a power we are.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Trying to find a groove...

It's been awhile...again.

It s hard to get into a groove with writing in here. It's odd because everyday at work I seem to find new things to write about and I tell myself that I am going to write about "this and that" when I get home, but never do. I also think of new ideas to put into my new story that I plan on writing...but I never actually sit down and actually start writing the damn thing.

Been reading a lot of Stephen king...A LOT. One thing that he said that I find interesting and worrisome when it comes to writing: "If you don't use it, you lose it."

I used to write ALL THE TIME. When I say ALL THE TIME, I actually mean ALL THE TIME. Back when I was a teen a more of an "emo kid" I had various stories, various journals, and various journal entries. It's crazy to go back an look on that stuff now. I laugh at myself at how emotional I was! But I think all that writing helped me a lot, it brought out feelings that I was nervous to tell anyone, or just feelings I didn't want to tell anyone...because I was young, and didn't truly know how to deal with all that jazz.

Writing was an escape perhaps. But my writing was definitely something I was looking to do as a career. Yet one Creative Writing class in college, receiving a D grade, and all those ugly red marks on every paper I wrote, turned me off faster than I realized.

I had certain people read my stuff...even my personal journal stuff every now and then (you lucky people know who you are!). It was good from time to time to have someone else go..."why were you thinking this?"

My big thing right now is trying to start to create another story. I have this general idea in my head...I've had it for the better of 3 months I'd say. Like I stated before, in the early 5AM's of my job, I have been thinking of little idea's and problems to throw into the story.

My dilemma is now getting into that mindset at home, here in my room. I have moved my laptop, started listening to some "tune-skis", and now I'm writing in my blog...interesting how that works....

The next problem I will have is actually finishing the story. If I look back on all the things I began written wise back in my mid-teens, there are probably over 5 stories that I began, wrote 2-10 pages, then stopped. Not sure what the reasons were. Just stopped and turned to something else.

But! Here is to me trying to actually start writing again. I think everyone would enjoy hearing from me every now and then. Facebook might take away some of my desire since all I need to do is write a brief paragraph of about 200 words to sum up my day and what I'm doing. Twitter would do the same, if I could access it, and I would too, if I could. But maybe if I keep Facebook status updates to generally funny things, things that come up quickly...and this blog to bigger ideals, more serious statements, and just things with generally more information and feeling behind them....maybe I can get something rolling.

So here we go, join me won't you? I'm going to try to make this at least a weekly stop...and hopefully the story I plan to start, at least outline today, will become as much of an occurrence.