Thursday, October 17, 2013

Starting to Find Their Stroke, Yet Losses Pile Up

The Human Highlight Reels have dropped two straight, falling to 3-3 on the season heading into the Round Robin Tournament. Despite adding up and comer Brent Hunter for the game this past Monday (21 points, 9/16 from the floor), and shooting 45% from the field as a team, the good guys could only muster up a ten point loss to The Refs, who frequent the upper Division once the winter league begins. Big man Andy Kempf has been absent for his marriage and honeymoon the past two games however and should return to the lineup this coming Monday against M-Town, whom the Highlight Reels lost to earlier in the season by only two points. The team was without big man Alex Yablonsky for that contest. The Highlight Reels should be in full force this coming Monday however and they will need it against the stout M-Town team. The team has been firing on all cylinders from the offensive end. Leading scorer Brandon Hunter went 7/12 two games in a row from two point range (58%) and Justin Woo has started to find his niche in the offense, scoring 11 in back to back games and shooting 44% from the field (8/18). He also connected on two of three free throws and has helped on the boards totaling 7 in two games. Though the offense has started to flourish, the other side of the ball has left little to be desired. Usually the key to the Highlight Reels game, the team has allowed 162 points, 70 and 92 respectively, in the past two games, both losses. However the team still remains in the top five for overall defense for the league, allowing 342 points (57 per game) the entire season. The Human Highlight Reels look to put it all together at 6:30 in the first game of the Round Robin Tournament. They will need an equally balanced offensive and defensive effort in order to get back to their winning ways.