Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015: First Half Review

The Delly Treys have moved into the new year with a 5-3 record and sit near the top of their division in the Brunswick Men's Rec Basketball League.

It has been an up and down year to some extent, but the Treys are still looking to find their style on both ends of the floor.

But as we move into 2016, and the second half of the season, lets take a look at some particulars for the team so far.

Field Goal %

Team Leaders - 10 shot minimum

1. Pat Cripple - 53% (10/19)
2. Brandon Hunter - 50% (26/54)


The 44% overall team shooting percentage is a full 10 points higher than their organizational average and it appears the team is finding their mark from inside the arc. Both Cripple and Hunter are both eclipsing their percentages for their careers. Cripple is 8% over his career 45% field goal percentage and Hunter is 7% over his career 43% mark. This season, the team has steadily increased their shooting inside the arc this season to a season high 53% their last game in a 56-41 win over Caucasian Invasion.

3 Point %

Team Leaders - 10 shot minimum

1. Brent Hunter - 53% (8/15)
2. Bran. Hunter - 30% (18/60)


Just by taking a look at the top two shooters from three point range should tell you how the Treys have fared this season from deep. The middle Hunter is just one point below his 31% three point percentage for his career, but after that, you won't find another team member at 30% or above with more than a handful of shots. The two biggest misses so far come from Jason Hunter and Chuck Caldwell, who are a combined 5/40 from long range, or just 13%. J. Hunter is a career 33% three point shooter, Caldwell, 26%.

Brent Hunter, if he continues his pace, is well up from his 30% three point shooting total, though has only taken 50 three pointers in his career. The overall team percentage, 28%, is low, but just slightly, from the organizations 31% overall team percentage.

Overall Shooting %

Team Leaders - 20 shot minimum

1. Pat Cripple - 57% (12/21)
2. Kevin Morgan - 42% (43/102)


Both Cripple and Morgan are shooting better this season than their career averages show. Cripple, though not taking as many shots this year, is up 14% from his career (43%) and Morgan is up 1% (41% career shooting).

The team overall is also fairing better than their organizational total. The 38% they are shooting this season is up from their 32% total. Going deeper, the 456 total shots the team has had this year in above the team total at the halfway point last season, yet more are falling. (877 total shots in 15 regular season games last year).

Random Stat

Surprisingly, the team is shooting nearly the exact identically in both the first and second half this season. Here's a look...

First half

Second half

Free Throw %

Team Leaders - 10 shot minimum

1. Brandon Hunter - 74% (20/27)
2. Brent Hunter - 73% (8/11)


Although the team overall percentage is below their organizational average, 59% this year to 62% overall, both Hunter's listed above are well above their career marks. The youngest Hunter is 8 points above his 64% career mark, while the middle Hunter brother is 6 points above his 68% total for his career. He has come on as of late from the line as well, going 7 of 9 in the last game against Caucasian Invasion.

The rest of the team needs to begin to follow suit however, the 59% from the line would be the third lowest total in eight full seasons in the organizations history.

Points Per Game

Team Leaders

1. Brandon Hunter - 15.6 ppg
2. Kevin Morgan - 13.9 ppg
3. Brent Hunter - 11.9 ppg


The team hopes Morgan can find the magic he had early on in the year. Here is a look at his first four games of the season, against the last four...

First Four
17.8 ppg

Last Four
10 ppg

If Morgan can regain that form, the offense would ultimately take a step forward, pushing them to be on the best offensive teams in the organizations history.

Currently, the teams 57.6 points per game is only slightly under the organizations 59.5 mark. Though all top three scorers listed above are below their career averages. This can also be attributed to the amount of talent this team has on that side of the ball. With more scorers and members to put the ball in the basket, it is understandable that the scoring would be down individually across the board. Specifically, only one member of the team, Andy Kempf is actually scoring more than his career average, 5.8 points per game this year, against his 4.9 career total.

Rebounds Per Game

Team Leaders

1. Andy Kempf - 9.8 rpg
2. Matt Eberwein - 7.4 rpg
3. Brandon Hunter - 7 rpg
4. Brent Hunter - 6.9 rpg
5. Kevin Morgan - 6.3 rpg


Since adding Morgan and Eberwein, the team has seen a surge in their rebounding team totals over the past few years. The team is grabbing more boards this year, 38.6, than their organizational total of 34.5. Kempf has become a rebounding machine since his early years and is nearly one rebound a game over his career 8.9 mark. Brent Hunter is also in that club, totaling around 1.6 more rebounds a game (6.9 vs 5.3).

The team also seems to be hitting the glass harder in the second half of games, grabbing 169 in the second half of games this year to 145 in the first. There could be a number of reasons for this, but it appears that after the opposition tends to wear down in the second half, it opens up more opportunity for the Treys to hit the boards harder.

Assists Per Game

Team Leaders - *6 games total

1. Chuck Caldwell - 5.2 apg
2. Brandon Hunter - 2.5 apg


Although Caldwell has not found his touch this season shooting the basketball, he has found the perfect niche running the offense and delivering where people can score it. His 5.2 average, coming off a nine assist night this past Sunday, leads the team in this years new stat by nearly three per game.  Brent Hunter (2), Andy Kempf, Jason Hunter, and Kevin Morgan (1 a piece) round out the team members with one or more assists per game.

The team overall is averaging an assist on more than half of their field goals made, 59%, with 78 total assists to 133 made field goals through six games.


Double-double leaders

1. Brandon Hunter - 3
2. Andy Kempf - 2
3. Brent Hunter/Matt Eberwein  - 1

Jump Balls

1. Kevin Morgan - 50% (1/2)
2. Matt Eberwein - 20% (1/5)
3. Brent Hunter - 0% (0/1)

Top Performers

Game 1- Kevin Morgan, 18 points 5 rebounds, 58% from the floor (L 44-61)
Game 2 - Matt Eberwein, 12 points 10 rebounds, 50% from the floor (W 59-23)
Game 3 - Kevin Morgan, 22 points 9 rebounds, 3/6 from three, 47% from the floor (W 59-37)
Game 4 - Brandon Hunter, 17 points 5 rebounds, 6/8 FTs, 4/7 from three (W 52-46)
Game 5 - Kevin Morgan, 14 points 7 rebounds, 6/11 FG% (L 54-55) *team total was 56 per book
Game 6 - Brandon Hunter, 24 points 10 rebounds, 10/18 from the floor, 5 assists (W 62-50)
Game 7 - Brent Hunter, 26 points 6 rebounds, 56% from the floor, 3 assists (L 73-82)
Game 8 - Andy Kempf, 16 points 15 rebounds, 57% from the floor (W 58-41)

See you this Sunday for the first game of 2016 versus the AK Rowdies. They are 1-6 and sit second to last in the Treys division.