Monday, June 20, 2011

New Name on Cavs Draft Board

My sources from around the world of basketball gave me some inside info on another player the Cavs could be looking at this Thursday when the draft takes place. Here's a look at a potential second-round choice...


Player Profile:

Name - Jason Matthew Hunter
Age - 25
Position - G/F
Height - 6'0"
Weight - 170
Hometown - Twinsburg, Ohio
College & Leagues - Notre Dame College (Ohio), Brunswick Men's Rec Basketball League, Twinsburg Rec Basketball League

Athleticism - 6
Size - 4
Defense - 6
Strength - 5
Quickness - 5
Leadership - 8
Jump Shot - 7
NBA Ready - 1
Ball Handling - 5
Potential - 6
Passing - 7
Intangibles - 8
Total - 68

2011 Mock - Undrafted Free Agent
Big Board - 8,875
Position Rank (SG) - 2,471

Career Highlights:
Averaged 10.2 points and 4.8 rebounds for the Reignmakers in the 2010-2011 recreation season. Helping the team reach an 11-2 mark during the year. Scored a career high 16 points as a JV highschool player at Twinsburg High School where he played 3 positions (PG, SG, SF). Made 92 of 100 (48/50) free throws as a sophmore during practice. Was he best player on many rec teams before middle school and dunked a women's basketball his sophmore, freshman, or junior year of highschool (he can't recall the year).

Great knowledge of the game. Can easily follow an offensive and defensive gameplan. Good midrange game and three-point range. Can catch fire from deep. Great motor and can get to the basket when he believes in himself. Decent free throw tosser. Ability to make those around him better. Decent floor vision. Doesn't over dribble. Makes less gambles on defense, plays well within the zone format. A "locker room guy".

Only average one on one defender. Slow first step. Small for his position and will struggle defensively against bigger opponents. Injury concerns on left knee. Can force bad shots and passes. Does not run the fast break with great efficiency. Very limited exposure. Did not play college basketball and may need to transition against elite talent. Streaky shooter who can go frigid at times.

Hit-or-miss prospect. Can be taught to fit into a system and will ultimately fill the role of a "shooter" on any team. Will need to be coached in several areas, but ultimately wants to learn and improve. Could be solid end of bench guy.

Could potentially be: Jason Kapono, Damon Jones, James Jones
Might end up being: Luke Jackson, Trajan Langdon, Matt Carrol

Keep an eye out for this name late Thursday night.

PS. Dear Dan Gilbert, I will put in my two weeks notice at Dick's Sporting Goods that night if you pull my name. Thanks, Jason Hunter