Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

Once again...i apologize for being tardy on not creating any new blogs for quite some time. Its difficult at times because I am not always around my computer and dont have the 30 minutes or so that I need/want so I can sit down and write something interesting for everyone to read.

Luckily for everyone out there, since it has been awhile, I've been thinking of a couple new things that I can write about.

The Browns QB situation, being a significant other, and Halloween have recently come to mind...but since Halloween is on the brain right now, I will dive into that area right now.

Now I really haven't had a great Halloween experience since I've been in school, at least one that I can remember being awesome. When me and Knapik went as Double Dragon, spur of the moment...that was pretty cool, but no one really knew who we were and we didn't exactly go to a place where a lot of people knew us personally, so you can only have so much fun. Last year, we again had sweet costumes...but a "parental" emergency came up with Knapik and he couldn't come. Then me and Jenny kinda had a not so good night and we once again found ourselves amongst people that we normally don't hang out with. My evil Spiderman costume was still pretty bad ass though...I got a lot of compliments...i think.

But this year I would like everything to go well. I've actually started thinking about what I want to be now, instead of waiting until a couple of days before to decide. I also would like to be around people I know, not saying that my gf isn't wonderful company, which she is!..but just having more people you like hanging around with makes that experience so much more enjoyable to everyone around.

Now I'm not really sure what everyone's plans are or what everyone is planning on going as...but I threw out the idea of being characters from Batman since the movie was such a big hit and there are enough characters to go around for everyone to have a choice.

So now I will go through a list of characters and describe who they are and what they do...then afterwards I will say who I think could be this character on Halloween...and this is just in my own opinion.

Batman: Everyone knows this guy. The hero. The star. The muscular figure who is the face of the entire Batman character...obviously. But there is more to the character than just his physique and his ability to save people...there's a dark side to this man. Sure he's calm and collected when peoples lives are on the line, but Batman has a troubled past. He's seemed to take on more of a badass persona in rcent movies, which I've enjoyed...but really it comes down to who would look the best in a Batman outfit. The thing is, I'm sure, just like my puffed up Spiderman costume, you could find one that does justice to anyone pulling on the Bat mask...but it makes it better if you just have a huge guy to begin with.

Fits - Marco - he's been him in the past, and have you seen this guy? He's HUGE
Second place is any other guy since you could find a ripped suit anyway

Robin: The unherald sidekick of Batman. Pretty much thats it, I mean he has a troubled past as well...but once again, the personality doesn't really fit into this guys demeanor anyway. So basically you have to be a "poor man" Batman...smaller, less know how it goes. No one really likes Robin.

Fits - Chad - just because he's dressed as him before
Komer - he's pretty much a shorter, skinier Batman...which is Robin, dunno if he'd like to play the sidekick role however...
Knapik - blonde hair kinda throws him out

Batgirl: Batmans female sidekick. I really only have a few people who fit the description of "female" that will possibly go out with me on the results are limited.

Fits - Annie - shes taller, probably more "super heroine esk" and has blonde hair
Allie - blonde hair and a she moves ahead of the next two
Kathy - an edge over Jenny because she normally has blonde hair, which Batgirl does
Jenny Rohn - can, and has, dyed her hair blonde

Alfred: The dude is old, I mean he's smart,damn smart...but he's old and he wears glasses.

Fits - Me - I'm old and I wear corrective lenses
Knapik - he's smart, and he wears glasses

Two-Face: Or Harvey Dent, for you DC Comic nerds. The dude has a good side (sorta) and a bad side (really), because of either an acid accident or fire accident...depending on what Batman movie you would rather take the character from. But he's more so a bad guy with a somewhat kind heart...leaving everything he does in the hands of his two-sided coin.

Fits - Knapik - I mean he has fits of rage, then is as kind as a bunny rabbit
Marco - Two-face is a bigger, meaner, guy...and he could do that well I think

Riddler: Dude is just crazy...crazy, funny, creepy...but can be real sinister. He's a lanky guy however and has red hair, which may pose some problems...

Fits - Chad - he's crazy, funny, creepy...but can be real sinister
Knapik - he's crazy, funny, creepy...but can be real sinister
Ross - he has red hair

Scarecrow: Pretty much a normal looking guy. Not real skinny, not huge either...average Joe with a taste for making people freak the hell out.

Fits - Me - I mean, I'm good with being that creepy guy with a camera, and I'm as average Joe as you can get.
Chad - that face he made this past weekend during the Cedarville trip locks this up
Knapik - he gets that look in is eye sometimes...
Any other normal human being who wants to put on a Scarecrow mask

Mr. Freeze: Pretty much the biggest bad guy in Batman, I think. Don't yell at me if I got this wrong DC Comic fans...Freeze is played by Arnold Schawzegebaregakher in the movies, you know...the governor or whatever of California. The "I'll be back" you got it...

Fits - Marco - once again, he's HUGE. And can probably handle the incredible amount of one-liners said by Freeze in that movie. They were TURRIBLE!

Poison Ivy: Once again, a female...and I only know so many of those. But once again, has red hair. Someone is going to have to step up if they want this part.

Fits - Jenny - has been a red head in the past, and she could kiss me...because that's what Poison Ivy does.
Any other girl who will dye their hair red

Penguin: A big ole fat guy with a point nose...and I don't know many of them at all really

Fits - Knapik - he wears glasses, but the Penguin wears a monical I believe. A couple of well placed pillows could solve the fat problem
Me - I'm the fatest guy I hang out with, and Hot Rod is Mexican
A big ole round ball

Joker: There will be plenty of Jokers running around his Halloween, just because the character was made to be a costume and the hit he made on the big screen. But you have to have some certain physical features (not the lip scars, but I guess that would make you perfect for the rold if you had those...and I'm sorry if you do) that will put you over the edge...having a wig of long hair wont be the same.

Fits - Me - I'm hoping by the end of October my hair will be long enough to suffice, and I can be a pretty creppy guy if I want to be. Have you seen me taking those pictures???....exactly

Now I know there are lesser characters people could be, including Bane (Posion Ivys big ass bodyguard dude,) Cat Woman (who I dislike by all means as a super villan), and even Comissioner Gordon...but if you go out as a bunch of characters from want people to recognize who you are. Unlike Double Dragon...which was by far the best costume I've ever been a part of while deciding to be it the night of Halloween...ever.

So we will see how it goes. I dont even know what everyone wants to do for Halloween, so this whole blog may be moot. But if it does happen, I hang out with a cast of characters who would fill all these roles quite nicely.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public Enemy

Well for starters let me say that these past few days have been full of new knowledge to me...for the greater good I am sure.

Now let me get on to the good stuff...


How'd that go?

After hyping up this game all week and people clamoring to see what kind of show OSU was going to put on against USC...they hopefully got their money back. Now I'm not going to say "I told you so," but I did. OSU was easily handled by their opponent in every fashion and the final score of 35-3 or 38-3 I can't remember (nor care) doesn't even begin to show what kind of whooping OSU go on both sides of the ball. This definitely takes OSU out of the championship picture...unless of course a bunch of top teams lose...twice...which will not happen. I honestly believe that they (OSU) will fall even farther in the polls about facing Wisconsin in a few weeks. The Big Ten title will fall out of their hands, the Rose Bowl will no longer be a thought...and things will need to change on that football team. It'll be interesting to see how they come out against Troy (you know, they're called "Trojans" too!!). I've heard that Troy is very fast on both offense and defense...and if OSU fails to come out with any kind of fire or a pissed off attitude...they might have their hands full. Just like they did against the powerhouse of Ohio. But by the time Wisconsin rolls around...OSU better figure something out. Terrell Pryor may be the savior, but they need to rework a lot of things.

Now as some of you may know...I recently became a part of Notre Dame's watch list. My blog, allegedly, sparked some interest around the campus higher-ups and I was called into a conference to discuss what I recently said about the financial aid staff. Now if you read the blog thoroughly, you can see that even though I made dissenting remarks about some folks...I did say not all the people had those characteristics...and that there are some new people in that office that are very helpful, very nice, and do what they can to help. But I still don't agree that it's the best situation...

I guess the thing's a's just randomness and feelings that I evoke from myself and my experiences on a daily basis...and I write what I see. I'm not journalist, never said I was, not trying to be one. So the need for me to talk to people, to investigate the reason why things go down and find out all the facts, it just doesn't appeal to me or what I am trying to write about in this blog. If I wanted to get behind what I wrote and wanted to get everyone the pinpoint reasons for certain actions...I'd write for the paper, which I used to do. But this is a spot where I can come and write down what I feel about certain things and actually lay my feelings out on a line for everyone to see. If you know me, you know that I'm not one to blurt how I feel about certain issues all the time, I'm not confrontational by any means. But writing gives me that area of work where I can be confrontational and can show you what I feel about things. I've always been able to express myself with the written word better than the you just have to understand that.

Now I thought it was exciting to hear that more than a finger-count amount of people read and have read my blog, I didn't realize I was such a HUGE deal. My ego has been soaring...but not really. But to make sure I no longer appear in NDC's search engines for "Student/Volunteer coach blog entries about Notre Dame College," I simply clicked a little box in the settings so my blog no longer is "searchable". Now that means people searching for my thoughts about Brett Favre (it still bugs me) and bank tellers ill have to either become my friend on Facebook or find a way to view my AIM profile for a link...but I'd rather not have to sit in on meetings anymore about why and what I wrote about. It was interesting to know that people took the time to read what I had to say though. Even if the higher-ups didn't agree with what had to say, maybe it'll start some conversation about certain issues at school. Like I said, I'm not one to go in an complain or throw a fit in someones face...I'd rather get someone else talking, then get the whole talking...and have everyone come to a consensus about the problem.

It was also hard to take that what I wrote about NDC has negatively influenced everything I have done for the cross country and track programs. Now I don't know how people choose or not choose to go to certain schools and institutions. But if by reading someones paragraph of a blog...changes your mind completely without ever visiting the place, I don't understand you. There are students on every campus EVERYWHERE that dislike the school they chose or certain elements of the school they are in. I can find one person a day that does not like something about NDC, but you know what, they are there...and there are plenty of things to like about Notre Dame. But you can't honestly say that people will choose to pass up NDC because I made a remark about our financial aid staff. Go in, experience it for yourself, and maybe you'll have a better experience than me. Like I said previously, my very first day here, in that office, had my entire family in fits...we couldn't believe how it went down. There was no mistake in my billing or pay, I didn't mess something up that I was supposed to do right, there were no late fee's owed...we just went in to get things set up, just like every other freshman does...and it wasn't a great situation. To think I did something wrong to be treated the way I did...that just doesn't make sense. But back to the point...even with that bad experience in the office, I didn't decide to leave or go to another school. I enrolled for a reason...and that's the reason I came. I didn't come for the personalities of the people working behind a plastic counter who figure out my bill...and I don't think other people do either. Now if you do pick schools on the basis of how welcoming and friendly 75% of the Financial Aid staff at the school is...well, then I don't know what to tell you.

But anyways, I've done a lot for the cross country and track program by being there. I don't want to feel like I'm ruining what I helped build because of what I said, so I won't. A lot of athletes have thanked me for what I have done and what I am doing, and there have been recruits that became interested in NDC just because I went on scouting trips and handed them a pamphlet of info. If my one paragraph ruins what ever future NDC has in XC and track, then I'll step away from the program today...but that's not the case.

Yea I said my brother wouldn't come here. I said nothing about the half-off pricing being crappy or that him coming to this school would be terrible for him. I just don't want him to have to deal with the things I went through, headaches that can be avoided. Aren't I supposed to look out for my little brother? I don't want to put him in a situation where he won't enjoy himself or have to deal with certain issues. But with that being said...I will talk to him when that time comes about NDC. Our XC and track programs are going in a great direction and I loved every minute of XC, there were some struggles in track, but the camaraderie alone just made it the best college experience of your life. But also, a better reason why my brother may not come here is because he is twice the runner I was at his age...and his times will enable him to choose a better school and faster that will be able to offer him a full-ride perhaps, or a better price and situation because of NDC. I'm not going to tell him to not go to NDC because of a few people at the school bug me....thats selfish and dumb.

So there you have it...I could write all day on this subject and this past week, but I won't....right now. Feelings will fade in and out and certain aspects may need a little more attention than others, so you might here more about this later.

Oh and I'm real sorry if the spelling errors or grammar errors bug you. First of all the keybord on my labtop is becoming less and less effective...which explains the lack of letters at times, but you still get what I'm trying to say. I use spellcheck...sometimes....but I don't go back and read and re-read or edit my blog very much. Like I said, I'm not looking to win an award for journalism...but I do the best I can. So one more thing...gotta make sure I get this right...

"Debauchery" (spell check helped me out, hope that is suffice)

It's great to be back, and to still be here...because I'm not going anywhere

Thursday, September 11, 2008

O-H!!!...I-Oh hell no...

You know as a living and breathing member of an Ohio city I'm tired of the Buckeye hype. I know it's not just college football in general because I love when it comes down to bowl games in the winter and I will watch those all day. Also, I just recently started a dynasty with North Carolina on NCAA Football 2009 on the Wii (Alcorn St as well) and do enjoy playing...not that that has anything to do with watching college football.

But this state is ridiculous with its Ohio State football love. I mean I go into a clothing store looking for Cleveland Browns stuff and OSU crap litters the aisles...and I'm sick of the scarlett everywhere. Now the Browns aren't living up to the hype either...but they don't have their own chant that could be sung at any given moment.

I dunno, I thought I liked OSU football...OSU sports in general. But lately, I find myself not caring and being annoyed in general with their athletic teams. Even basketball, I could care less if they won or lost...and I'm pretty sure I bet on their early exit from March Madness last season. It might just be the OH-IO chant that drives me to the edge...but it just needs to stop. They will get trounced this weekend against USC...Beanie or no Beanie...and they will continue to have a subpar season after that. I think they get hyped because its OSU, but other than their name...they haven't impressed me one bit.

Another thing that is bothering me in the state of Ohio is Notre Dame know, changing the world one student at a time. Biggest amount of crap...the people in there are ridiculous, not everyone...but the financial aid people (again not everyone) act like you shouldnt be coming into help. It just seems they are so unorganized and toss stuff on you the minute. I mean we are supposed to be a small school...which means more one-on-one attention, more chances to have stuff looked and re-looked over so things don't mess up your FAFSA for 2009...but it just seems like they are getting so far away from wanting to help you the minute you step into the offices.

Now I know this is true, because it happened the very first time I stepped through those ugly doors at the financial aid office. Some old, overweight, lady with glasses was just mean to me and my parents. Even my mom was flustered when we left that office for the first time and my dad didn't even know what to say. Now it has come to my attention that this dibochery has gone straight up to the VP of Student Admissions or something like that and everyone is just mean and wants nothing to do with helping you at all. You can't catch a break with anyone really...and it's a shame. I wish I could blame it on enrollment going up well above where it should be, considering what kind of campus we have, but it was like this when I was a freshman and there were a grand total of like 5-6 freshman athlete recruits in the dorms. So I don't know what the deal is really.

The only way I would ever tell my little brother to attend NDC is if we have a solid cross country and track program established. Right now the trac program seems to be well in hand and XC is on its way...but I'm just not sure if it'll be worth the half-off tuition to deal with the headaches of the financial people. My brother will end up going somewhere on a nearly free ride anyway if he keeps dropping he might not even care about the half-off.

I mean I like Ohio...but some of this shit has to stop.

It's good to be back...better if we got rid of some BS