Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thanks to Madonna, Grandpa Hunter, and Chad Dobson

The title is just to get those who deserve some recognition...theirs. So they get here is yours.

Everyone gets depressed, some, more than others. But recent tragedies and recent memories (and recent songs (thats where Madonna comes in!)!) brings to light my newest entry.

The passing of NFL player Kenny McKinley probably does not hit at home for most people, unless you have had someone in your life that tragically took theirs. But what we should learn from him, being McKinley, is that depressing rocks everyone...even those with money and in great careers.

You would think, even after having a serious knee surgery ending his season this year, that making an NFL team roster would be enough to keep someone happy and should for no reason be depressed. Yet it happens. The struggle of his surgery seemed to get the best, or worst, of McKinley, who seemingly had no one around to talk to or vent to. Or as in a lot of cases, no one could tell that outside McKinley was upset, so upset he could take his own life and therefore never knew anything was wrong with the young man inside his own home.

It is a struggle. Those who are depressed, not "oh I dont have any money to go the movies" depressed, find it hard at times to talk to someone, anyone, about what battles they are facing in their own mind as well as in the outside world. In turn, those of us around such people need to take a closer look at our friends and co-workers at times...and be open when someone wants to talk.

Now for all of you who know you fall into the category of being depressed and feeling like you dont have anyone to talk to, you do. You absolutely do. Look around you. Say you truly, honestly dont have any friends, friends close enough to talk to. There are people around. Teachers, parents, doctors, priests, your dentist...someone...anyone.

I do not, and thank the Big Man for this, have any experience of someone close to me taking their life. I have been aquainted with some people who have had those close to them do it...and we also hear it everyday in the news. So it is tough to relate the kind of angst and sorrow those feel who have had it happen to them, but I know I can give some decent advice, which is why Im writing this now.

Just know that you are never alone in this world, as big and vast as you think it may be. You may feel backed into a corner with no help in sight, but find a way to get around that corner and there will be those people with open arms waiting to give you some comfort. A hug, an ear, or a voice to talk to. Nothing left bottled in is rarely a good thing. And as I said before, if you don't think there are any of those people around that corner...find them. I am sure there are plenty of websites out there dedicated to helping those with depression, many phone lines with people on the other end ready to listen, to help.

I am built in a way where I am extremely positive about most things (this is where Grandpa comes in). My Grandpa encountered cancer for well over the last 10 years of his life and never once could you tell that something was defeating him from the inside. He was the strongest man I will probably ever meet and I am extremely proud to have had him as part of my life. But learning from him, I can see that it is never that bad. For those of you who think it is bad now...not having money to pay bills, not having a job, clashing with family and friends...there are those who don;t have any money, any food, or any hope. The great thing about living in the United States is that there always seems to be a line out there for help, somewhere. It may not come as fast as you like and in that case, go meet up with it.

Its not easy to be positive, not even close. Being built that way and being around people who are, helps. But for the vast majority of us, it is simpler to be depressed and angry at the hard times. But never think you are alone. There is always a helping hand. Sometimes you have to speak up, dont be afraid of calling for help, there is nothing wrong with calling for help. Ever. We are here to help...and wed be glad to!


So the final thanks goes to Chad Dobson, who has been on me for the past month or four about "you bloggin man!?". I dont really think he cares less (I guess I shouldve put Knapik in the title as well because I went back and changed that sentence from "could care less" to "care less") if I continue to write or not, he just likes to bust my chops. But busting them he did, and finally, thanks to him, Madonna and my late, great, Grandpa...I seem to be back in the game for now. Soak it up everyone. Dont know when Ill be back.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

To blog...

...or not to blog? the question....