Monday, February 11, 2013

A Season, Though Not Completed, In Review

The Price is Right sit at 7-1 this season in the Brunswick Mens Basketball League.

There are a total of four games remaining on the regular season schedule, then the league will be moved into double-elimination tournament play.

Though the mid-season point has already come and gone, now seems to be a good time to go over how the season has gone, both individually and at a team standpoint.


Jason Hunter
51% FG (18/35)
24% 3P (9/37)
8.5 ppg (8 games played)

The coach and captain of the PiR has had his ups and downs this season, starting with a slow start from beyond the arc after shooting 44% from beyond the arc during the fall league.  His slump also came in the form of injury as Hunter was out for two games and played a minimal role in another after straining his MCL in late January.

The slump may be turning around however.  Hunter has shot 7 of 16 (44%) from three over the previous two games.  The recovered right knee seems to no longer be an issue as he is finding his spots on the offensive side of the ball.  The lingering knee problem also hindered him on the defensive side, where Hunter is beginning to regain that form as well.

Brandon Hunter
39% FG (45/116)
27% 3P (30/110)
21.6 ppg (10 games played)
7.4 rpg

Brandon Hunter is still finding ways to score, even if it is not at the percentage he, and the team, would like.  The middle of the Hunter brother's leads the team in points (216), free throws attempted (57), shots taken (226), and is third overall in rebounds (74).  Brandon is in a similar winter season slump.  He shot 42% from the field and 32% from three point range during the fall season.  Though still not a staggering number, he would take that clip over where he is shooting now.

The wins have not avoided the good guys during these tough shooting times however.  With scoring coming from some different areas, mostly Kyle Komer, the team is not disgruntled with how Brandon has been performing.  Once his shot begins to fall, the team will be almost impossible to beat.  Here's to hoping that Brandon finds a groove going into the post season.

Kyle Komer
48% FG (22/46)
61% 3P (17/28)
13.3 ppg (8 games played)

Komer is helping this team win.  After joining the club during the fall league, he has found his niche on the club.  Komer shot 46% from the field and only 17% from three point range during that 3-3 fall season, but he has vastly improved in nearly every area.  His 61% mark from beyond the arc leads the team and has been nearly perfect from the line, 11/12 (92%).  Not only does he help the team by scoring, he takes control of the ball on the offensive side, getting others open looks and collapsing a defense.

Continuing his steady performance on both ends of the floor is what we look for over the next few weeks.  With the help of this newly acquired guard, the future looks bright for the PiR.

Kerry Hunter
53% FG (28/53)
7.8 ppg (10 games played)
8 rpg

The big man has been a steady contributor to the organization over the past three years.  Battling some injuries throughout the fall, Kerry has found himself utilizing his height and ability more during the winter season.  He is currently second on the team in rebounds and has found his touch from the outside as well.  Though he is the veteran member of the team and may have lost a step over the past few years, Kerry is taking a bigger role in getting others involved and always locking down the paint on defense.

Utilizing Kerry as the focus point of the "inside-out" style of offense has truly improved the open looks that most others are getting on that side of the ball.  The team will look for that to continue as the year rolls forward.

Andy Kempf
47% FG (26/55)
8.2 rpg

Kempf has come into his own over the past few years as part of the PiR organization; his basketball IQ improved greatly over the years, and the team can actually look to him to not only be a physical presence on the defensive side, but they don't shy away from giving him open looks.  His shot from 10 to 12 feet away from the hoop has also improved drastically over the years, which shows in his shooting percentage.

Kempf needs to continue battling on both ends of the ball and setting up screens for the scorers on the offensive side.  The team would love for him to reach that near 10 rebound per game mark of the Mailmen season, but will greatly take his improved offensive game.

Mike Petrilli
3.7 ppg (10 games played)

Petrilli is still looking to find his range.  He hasn't found that magic from beyond the arc since the 34% mark back when the team was the Reignmakers, yet the team will still continue to feed him open looks.  Mike has been taking the ball to the basket more often, which may open up more looks for himself and others on the outside as well.  He filled in with quality minutes on both ends of the floor during coach Jason Hunter's knee injury.

Hopefully a game or two of good shooting will get Petrilli out of his shooting funk, which would give the team another option on the offensive side of the ball.

Ryan Stuver
56% FG (5/9)
3.4 rpg

Ryan Stuver has had limited action this year due to various reasons, but has shown some bright spots in that limited action.  He just grabbed 7 rebounds in the last win against Powerstrokes in the most action he has seen in awhile.  If the PiR could have nights similar to that night in and night out and Stuver could keep up his high shooting percentage with open cuts to the basket, the team become even more well rounded than before.


45% FG
28% 3P
62.6 PPG

The only negative you can take from the offensive end would be the teams overall three point percentage.  The 28% mark is the lowest of the organization in its years since joining the BMRBL, yet the 45% mark from everywhere else is their highest total since they began.  The open looks under the basket coming from screens and finding open spots on the defense will keep the team in games when the three point attempt is not falling.  The PiR is scoring at a higher clip now more than ever, scoring more than 7 points a game more than they have in the past few seasons.  Closing the free throw percentage on 70% and pushing the three point percentage over the 30% mark could move the team to being nearly unstoppable on the offensive side of the ball.


In a quick review of this past Sunday's game against Powerstrokes, the PiR battled to a 71-62 victory.  Three players scored in double figures, Jason Hunter 17, Brandon Hunter 19, and Kyle Komer filled in with 20.  The team hit on 31% of their three pointers, and shot 73% from the line.  The PiR came from down 10 or more points a few times in the first half and trailed for the majority of the game.  Yet a couple of defensive stands and a few open baskets toward the end of the game sealed it for the good guys.

They Price is Right will play We Got Buckets next week on Monday at 6:30.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to Winning Ways

The Price is Right got back to winning this past Monday against Shawn Kemps Kids, winning 61-56.

The offense came from many different areas.  The team shot 33% from deep, with Brandon Hunter (4/11), Jason Hunter (3/8), and Kyle Komer (2/5) all hit from three point range.  All three scorers also had double figures when it came to total points, 16, 11, and 22, respectively.

Overall the team shot 37% from the field.  Kerry Hunter (8 points, 10 rebounds) and Andy Kempf (4 points, 7 rebounds) did their job underneath and found open backdoor cuts and layups.  Kempf opened the game with one.

Coach and captain Jason Hunter was finally back to his old self and was able to play his full amount of minutes.  He also found hit shooting stroke again. shooting 40% from the field, looking better with his open looks.

"It was good to get back out there and help the guys, especially in a close win," Hunter said afterward, "The knee felt great.  But it will take some time to get used to playing with another new brace.  Whatever keeps me on the floor."

The injury bug crawled over Mike Petrilli early in the second half.  After twisting his ankle early in the second half, he remained in the game only to twist it within the next minute.  He did not play the rest of the game.

The PiR were at full-force however this past game, suiting up the full 7 members of their roster.  When Petrilli was lost for the second half, there were able bodies to step in.

The team expects Petrilli's injury to be completely healed by this Sunday's game.


Fines Brought Down on Club

As expected, the league fined not only Brandon Hunter and Andy Kempf $2,500 a piece for their comments after the game last week, but the team was also fined an unspecified amount for being repeat offenders.

A league official stated that even though this "particular team" has not been sighted for this type of behavior but, "the organization has been sighted on a previous occasions less than one year ago."

The PiR will play Powerstrokes this coming Sunday at 7:20