Thursday, July 31, 2008


You know I have come to realize that the more and more I listen to Cleveland sports talk shows, the more and more I begin to dislike listening to them

I was listening to the Tony Rizzo show, I believe, this afternoon on my way home and they were talking about having the possibility to interviewing John Elway because of some Hall of Fame thing going on in Canton. Well Rizzo was having none of it and asking callers and emailers to voice their opinion. After a bunch of callers saying "No" and emailers ripping Elway, Rizzo's co-host "Hammer" for wanting Elway, and just complaining in general about how "they won't listen to the show anymore" and Rizzo telling "Hammer" that he would never understand the heartbreak that Elway put us through.

For those who don't know...Elway took his Denver Broncos from his own 2 yard line and drove the final 98 yards in the AFC Championship game...dubbing the final minutes "The Drive" and killing the hopes and dreams of Cleveland fans, i guess.

But anyway, I dont understand why you wouldn't want Hall of Famer and without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks EVER on your show. The Elway feat happened in 1987, over 20 YEARS AGO. If you fans can't let it go, then thats ridiculous. If I had to hear Rizzo complain for another 30 seconds or hear some angry Clevelander call Elway "horse-face" and yadda yadda yadda, boo hoo us...I would've driven into oncoming traffic.

Another host, Mark "Munch" Bishop, I believe his full name a homer by far. The other day he had a caller who was trying to defend his point about getting Ron Artest and how a change of scenery might help him along with the Cavs if they had the guts to acquire him, which they didnt because Danny Ferry doesn't seem to want to try to improve our team at all, but i digress. "Munch" then went on to rip the guy about how Artest is a bad seed and will always be a bad seed. So the caller defended his point again by sayin how Randy Moss moving to the Patriots ended up being a great move and he turned out alright. "Munch" then went on to say how he once talked to Moss in college and about how this one time Moss jumped in on a black guy getting pounded by a group of white guys during his highschool days. Moss I guess jumped in to help which he was punished for. Munch said that he told Moss to then "take off your sunglasses and look me in the eye," which I guess "shocked" Randy, and then he asked "well what if it was a white guy getting jumped by a bunch of black guys?" Randy then responded to Munch's question "I would have done the same thing." Now this is where Munch went on some huge rant about how right then and there he KNEW Randy Moss was a great guy and all this BS. C'mon, lets be real. If you're interviewing Randy Moss, or ANYONE for that matter, about how he would handle that one would tell you "oh I'd let the white guy get pounded" or vise versa. That just annoyed me to my limits because Munch has no idea what he is talking about, ever...and just because Moss lied to his face, he thinks he knows Randy Moss better than the caller did....incredible.

I have to stop here and go to work...but don't you worry, I will continue this discussion by adding some Jim Rome and and I will continue to further my explanation of why I now extremely dislike Cleveland sports radio hosts...

Oh and Knapik, here is your shout out...and you can leave comments, I checked the just leave your comment and stop complaining. MARCO!

It's good to be back, but only when Jim Rome is on at 12-3 to break up the monotony of Cleveland Sports Talk.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

*Just a side note to everyone who reads my blog...If you want to make a comment, you can, and I welcome it. Just because you are not registered to this website does not mean you can't leave a comment. It will warm my heart to see that people are actually reading what I "blog" about*

And so it goes

I swear if I hear one more 40+ year old talk about how long "The Dark Knight" was, or how Christian Bale changes his voice when he is Batman, or how (here's a great one) Heath Ledger won't even win an "Elmo," (see the guy was making a joke on the radio...the host asked him about how Ledger played the Joker and this numbnuts said that all Ledger did was "lick his lips a lot" and then when the host asked "so no Oscar then?" the interviewee said "Oscar? He won't even win an Elmo!" you get it, I guess it's a Seasame Street reference) its just ridonkulous. I mean don't even mention the fact that the movie has grossed over $300 million in 10 days (not to mention the thousands of dollars it made movie theaters on popcorn, pop, and Sno-caps), but you old people need to relax. I am sorry that your bladders can't make it through the entire, grueling, two and a half hours. I mean, you sleep on average like, 8 hours a day. Do you wake up 4 times to go to the bathroom? If you do, see a doctor. But c'mon people...this is, and will be, the best movie for the next few years...always a critic.

Anywho, moving away from that subject, since it has literally taken over my blog completely, I want to move on to a more exciting subject, people, and how they act.

Now I get that you want people to like you and you want to have oodles and oodles of friends, but this is getting obsurd. And I am sure this is just how the world is, you will cross so many people in your lifetime that will act one way in front of you, and tear you down at the next board meeting the next...but peole need to start stepping up and taking the shit they deserve when you act like that. Like I said, I get that you don't want enemies and you want to be the nicest person and oooh and aaah and yay...but you drive me nuts, so cut the BS. This subject never really got on my nerves until last night when it struck me how people I know are acting...but I just can't understand what goes on in their heads when they want to be friends one minute, hold a death rally for you, and then have a pity party for themselves the next. Grow the f#!& up. (Am I allowed to swear on this website? I don't know if i ill censor it for all the under 13 year old's who cherish what I write.) Oh and another thing, I have nothing against homosexuals, I mean two girls making out and all that is AWESOME...but just because you are one, doesn't mean you get to touch my girlfriends dress or sit on her lap. Thank you, and kindly, get the hell out.

So I vow from now on to start being more real with people...the line from "The Real World" would fit well here but I can't remember how that beginning part goes...I just think it's a waste of their time, my time, and energy overall to be a liar and to be someone that people really can't trust or know what they are exactly thinking. I've never been one to be mean or to say what is on my mind a lot, and I think having the free reign of this site and writing will help me in that process. I'm sure down the road here I will offend some people with what I say or what I think, but that is just going to be a step in letting everyone know that I'm going to tell you how it is...most of the time...a little white lie here and there never hurt. I mean, I was "sick" and couldn't go to work the other day, but that really didn't waste my time or get what I'm saying.

So is everyone clear? Man up.

Oh and happy 21st birthday to my girlfriend...she had a great time, until like 2:30 AM...then she didnt...haha (should I even put "haha"? I don't know how to express a funny situation anymore without putting "Lol" or "Haha") Let's just say she would have rather slept on the rug in the bathroom than have me carry her nearly dead weight to her bed. It's all fun and games until the boyfriend has to take care of his 21st birthday girlfriend...but I'm glad she had a good night. I think she might get it again when her other roomate comes back as well, but we will see. Love you dear, "Lol"

Buy a mango.

It's getting better to be back.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Comforts of Home

I just wanted to take this time to express my new-found comfort of living away from home for more than a day.

In my girlfriend's last house, I wasn't as comfortable just "hanging out" for a day without going home at least once. Or if the possibility for me to stay home once a week appeared, I'd probably take it. But now, where she's at, I think is a better situation for her and me. Not saying that I hated the people that she lived with before, I'm friends with most of them, but I'm just better friends with everyone in the new house. You know what I'm saying, it's just a better situation overall...and it makes things a lot easier on me, her...and me and her combined, respectively.

So cheers to those who are making my life a little bit easier, because I appreciate it, and I know Jenny does as well. Should be a good year, and I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, I am about to go golfing here soon...then I'll be back in time to do something with Jenny I think, I'm not sure whats going on. I may have the chance to come back and write another blog when I get home, but maybe not. So I apologize that this isn't the in-depth look at a subject most people might be looking for. But I can't even tell if anyone is reading these or not yea, there you go. For all you haters, read my blog.

It's damn good to be back and where I am.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Few Days Hiatus

Alright I apologize for the long wait on my second entry. What's it been like, 2, 3 days? Anyway...obviously haven't been around my laptop...

So after seeing "The Dark Knight" three times now, it's safe to say that it will possibly be the best movie I have ever and will ever see. Granted my third viewing wasn't as good as the first and second time, but that's probably related to the fact that I had just seen it twice in four days and the time of when I went and saw it, againx2. but either way....its great.

Too bad for Heath because he could have made a killing ( pun intended) being the Joker, as he plays this role beyond perfection. I read reviews saying how the movie is too long and Christian Bale plays his role very stale or something like that, well movie critics are usually wrong when it comes to movies I they didn't disappoint me with those two negative comments. I don't know how you can give this movie a 3 out of 4 stars...which I saw in some magazine at work...because it is definitely the movie of the summer and will in likelihood be the movie of 2008. I really hope they continue and finish off with a trilogy. The only problem there is following up this movie, which will be quite difficult. Plus, bad guys are in short supply for the next flick, if they plan to make another.

The Joker could be portrayed again, but the industry better make sure they put in an actor who looks and sounds EXACTLY like Heath played it. Because if they don't, it won't be as good, and it will be a disappointment. Two-Face is dead, I guess...even though you never see him being buried or put into a casket of any kind. Just because they made it seem like he died, doesn't mean he really is. I mean all he did was fall on his back, the drop from that blown up building didn't seem too far. I mean Commissioner Gordon got shot and he's still maybe they could fadangle a story line where Harvey Dent (Two-Face) is still alive. I do not know the actors name who played him, but he did a good job in a third-wheel kinda role. Jim Carrey coming back as The Riddler would work for me. You figure he's older, speaking of Carrey, which would fit into this new scheme of "dark" movies they are coming out with. I just don't know how "dark" they could make the Riddler. Catwoman is out of the question, I know the foreshadowing of Morgan Freeman telling Bale his new suit would work "with cats" might push the plot in that direction, but I hope it doesn't. Catwoman will never be angry enough, evil enough, "dark" enough, to follow up "The Dark Knight."

It might almost be better to just let this movie be for awhile and come back when the chaos fad's over Heath's death and what a phenomenal job he did in this flick. But with Bale coming out with the new Terminator movie it might want to scoop him up before Terminator gains speed....BOOOOOO.

So there you go, my second blog...which probably has the same theme as a million other people's in the cyber world. Hopefully I come back a little bit earlier with my next take. I'll probably want to talk about the Cavs and Lebron soon, because everything going on around this team is annoying...but I'll save that for another day.

It's good to be back

Monday, July 21, 2008

Post 1

So this is officially my first post on my first blog...ever.

I'm not going to make this an extreme post, just something to get everyone acclimated to fact that I am doing this again. I am really not sure how many people will actually read what I have to say, but I am sure if I add some kind of funny anecdote, witty humor, or bold sense of my feelings for a touchy subject, maybe more people will read and continue to do so.

If you haven't noticed I based my whole blog layout, for the most part, on the recent Batman movie "The Dark Knight," which was I recommend. I hope I'm not messing with any copyright infringements or anything of that nature. Not that I'll be looking to have my posts and takes on the nightly news...

So there you have it, just a little teaser to get you...and me, started. Maybe I'll come back tonight or in the next hour and give a take on something...or maybe you'll just have to wait.

It's good to be back.