Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015: First Half Review

The Delly Treys have moved into the new year with a 5-3 record and sit near the top of their division in the Brunswick Men's Rec Basketball League.

It has been an up and down year to some extent, but the Treys are still looking to find their style on both ends of the floor.

But as we move into 2016, and the second half of the season, lets take a look at some particulars for the team so far.

Field Goal %

Team Leaders - 10 shot minimum

1. Pat Cripple - 53% (10/19)
2. Brandon Hunter - 50% (26/54)


The 44% overall team shooting percentage is a full 10 points higher than their organizational average and it appears the team is finding their mark from inside the arc. Both Cripple and Hunter are both eclipsing their percentages for their careers. Cripple is 8% over his career 45% field goal percentage and Hunter is 7% over his career 43% mark. This season, the team has steadily increased their shooting inside the arc this season to a season high 53% their last game in a 56-41 win over Caucasian Invasion.

3 Point %

Team Leaders - 10 shot minimum

1. Brent Hunter - 53% (8/15)
2. Bran. Hunter - 30% (18/60)


Just by taking a look at the top two shooters from three point range should tell you how the Treys have fared this season from deep. The middle Hunter is just one point below his 31% three point percentage for his career, but after that, you won't find another team member at 30% or above with more than a handful of shots. The two biggest misses so far come from Jason Hunter and Chuck Caldwell, who are a combined 5/40 from long range, or just 13%. J. Hunter is a career 33% three point shooter, Caldwell, 26%.

Brent Hunter, if he continues his pace, is well up from his 30% three point shooting total, though has only taken 50 three pointers in his career. The overall team percentage, 28%, is low, but just slightly, from the organizations 31% overall team percentage.

Overall Shooting %

Team Leaders - 20 shot minimum

1. Pat Cripple - 57% (12/21)
2. Kevin Morgan - 42% (43/102)


Both Cripple and Morgan are shooting better this season than their career averages show. Cripple, though not taking as many shots this year, is up 14% from his career (43%) and Morgan is up 1% (41% career shooting).

The team overall is also fairing better than their organizational total. The 38% they are shooting this season is up from their 32% total. Going deeper, the 456 total shots the team has had this year in above the team total at the halfway point last season, yet more are falling. (877 total shots in 15 regular season games last year).

Random Stat

Surprisingly, the team is shooting nearly the exact identically in both the first and second half this season. Here's a look...

First half

Second half

Free Throw %

Team Leaders - 10 shot minimum

1. Brandon Hunter - 74% (20/27)
2. Brent Hunter - 73% (8/11)


Although the team overall percentage is below their organizational average, 59% this year to 62% overall, both Hunter's listed above are well above their career marks. The youngest Hunter is 8 points above his 64% career mark, while the middle Hunter brother is 6 points above his 68% total for his career. He has come on as of late from the line as well, going 7 of 9 in the last game against Caucasian Invasion.

The rest of the team needs to begin to follow suit however, the 59% from the line would be the third lowest total in eight full seasons in the organizations history.

Points Per Game

Team Leaders

1. Brandon Hunter - 15.6 ppg
2. Kevin Morgan - 13.9 ppg
3. Brent Hunter - 11.9 ppg


The team hopes Morgan can find the magic he had early on in the year. Here is a look at his first four games of the season, against the last four...

First Four
17.8 ppg

Last Four
10 ppg

If Morgan can regain that form, the offense would ultimately take a step forward, pushing them to be on the best offensive teams in the organizations history.

Currently, the teams 57.6 points per game is only slightly under the organizations 59.5 mark. Though all top three scorers listed above are below their career averages. This can also be attributed to the amount of talent this team has on that side of the ball. With more scorers and members to put the ball in the basket, it is understandable that the scoring would be down individually across the board. Specifically, only one member of the team, Andy Kempf is actually scoring more than his career average, 5.8 points per game this year, against his 4.9 career total.

Rebounds Per Game

Team Leaders

1. Andy Kempf - 9.8 rpg
2. Matt Eberwein - 7.4 rpg
3. Brandon Hunter - 7 rpg
4. Brent Hunter - 6.9 rpg
5. Kevin Morgan - 6.3 rpg


Since adding Morgan and Eberwein, the team has seen a surge in their rebounding team totals over the past few years. The team is grabbing more boards this year, 38.6, than their organizational total of 34.5. Kempf has become a rebounding machine since his early years and is nearly one rebound a game over his career 8.9 mark. Brent Hunter is also in that club, totaling around 1.6 more rebounds a game (6.9 vs 5.3).

The team also seems to be hitting the glass harder in the second half of games, grabbing 169 in the second half of games this year to 145 in the first. There could be a number of reasons for this, but it appears that after the opposition tends to wear down in the second half, it opens up more opportunity for the Treys to hit the boards harder.

Assists Per Game

Team Leaders - *6 games total

1. Chuck Caldwell - 5.2 apg
2. Brandon Hunter - 2.5 apg


Although Caldwell has not found his touch this season shooting the basketball, he has found the perfect niche running the offense and delivering where people can score it. His 5.2 average, coming off a nine assist night this past Sunday, leads the team in this years new stat by nearly three per game.  Brent Hunter (2), Andy Kempf, Jason Hunter, and Kevin Morgan (1 a piece) round out the team members with one or more assists per game.

The team overall is averaging an assist on more than half of their field goals made, 59%, with 78 total assists to 133 made field goals through six games.


Double-double leaders

1. Brandon Hunter - 3
2. Andy Kempf - 2
3. Brent Hunter/Matt Eberwein  - 1

Jump Balls

1. Kevin Morgan - 50% (1/2)
2. Matt Eberwein - 20% (1/5)
3. Brent Hunter - 0% (0/1)

Top Performers

Game 1- Kevin Morgan, 18 points 5 rebounds, 58% from the floor (L 44-61)
Game 2 - Matt Eberwein, 12 points 10 rebounds, 50% from the floor (W 59-23)
Game 3 - Kevin Morgan, 22 points 9 rebounds, 3/6 from three, 47% from the floor (W 59-37)
Game 4 - Brandon Hunter, 17 points 5 rebounds, 6/8 FTs, 4/7 from three (W 52-46)
Game 5 - Kevin Morgan, 14 points 7 rebounds, 6/11 FG% (L 54-55) *team total was 56 per book
Game 6 - Brandon Hunter, 24 points 10 rebounds, 10/18 from the floor, 5 assists (W 62-50)
Game 7 - Brent Hunter, 26 points 6 rebounds, 56% from the floor, 3 assists (L 73-82)
Game 8 - Andy Kempf, 16 points 15 rebounds, 57% from the floor (W 58-41)

See you this Sunday for the first game of 2016 versus the AK Rowdies. They are 1-6 and sit second to last in the Treys division.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Treys Lose at the Buzzer During Controversial Fifth Game

*Editors note - Last weeks blog was incorrect in stating the Treys record as 4-1. They were only 3-1 as of the writing last week

The Delly Treys lost a hard fought battle against Take Over 55-54 after a game-ending three pointer.

The Treys never trailed during the game until the final buzzer, but couldn't find a way to extend the lead late as their offense stalled and their struggles from the free throw line continued.

The Treys shot 45% from the stripe (5/11), which has put them at one of their lowest percentages in team history at 55%. The only time they shot a lower percentage from the line during the season was during the 2014 GrandMaMas season where they shot 53%.

The Treys have begun to find their identity as a team however, shying away from the three point line and battling on the defensive end.

The Treys are second in the league with only 225 points given up, good enough for 45 points per game. Their 2-3 zone is coming into form as they begin to lock down shooters from the outside and only allow teams one shot on offense on most trips.

By moving away from the three point line, the Treys are finding their overall field goal percentage on the rise as well. Their overall percentage has increased every game, to a season-high 43% this week. The team only took 12 three pointers, tied for their season low, which ultimately led to more shots inside and closer looks to the basket. The team shot a season high 46% from two-point range this past Sunday.

The game has been called into question, if only by the Delly Treys, as the official score keeper had the Treys at 54 points, while the official team score from the Treys sidelines was at 56 points. It seems that the official score keeper missed a basket (or two) from Pat Cripple, ultimately leaving the Treys with a controversial loss, instead of a possible win.

The score being in question however is not something the Treys can hang their hat on as they must be better from the line and at creating scoring opportunities late in games. The team has begun to find more ways, easier ways, to score and must continue to do so if they want to have enough offense to put them over in situations like the ones this past Sunday.

An individual look at the game saw leading men Kevin Morgan and Brandon Hunter showing the way with 14 and 15 points, respectively. Brent Hunter added 11 (7 rebounds). Andy Kempf (9) and Matt Eberwein (6) continued their strong showing for the team on the glass, combining for 15 rebounds.

The team will play this Sunday at 5:00pm against American Snipers, who are 3-2 as of this writing.

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Win and a Win, Puts the Treys at 4-1

The Delly Treys find themselves at 4-1 after two solid wins the past two weeks.

Back on the 22nd of November, the Trey' beat up on Winking Lizard - Matt, 59-37 using team basketball. Now registering assists as a stat, the Delly Trey's assisted on 70% of their made baskets (14 assists to 20 field goals) against Winking Lizard - Matt.

The Delly Treys warm up before their game
against Winking Lizard-Matt.
Four players scored in double digits; Kevin Morgan continued his hot start with 22 points (9 rebounds), Brandon Hunter had 12 (11 rebounds), while Brent Hunter and Pat Cripple added 10 points a piece.

The team was once again huge on the glass, grabbing 53 rebounds, which is a team high this season. They now average 41 rebounds as a team per game. Andy Kempf had a huge game on the glass, picking up 17 of those team rebounds.

Along with the new assist stat, comes a new leader in the stat category which belonged early to Chuck Caldwell who dropped 5 of the teams 14 assists on the night. Brandon and Brent Hunter added 3 a piece, while the eldest Hunter, Jason, added the final two.


The most recent contest against the Gladiators proved to be the Delly Treys most difficult, yet rewarding, win of the young season.

The team battled on both ends of the floor with a team that was more athletic, but pushed back when challenged to pull off a 52-46 win which gave the Gladiators their first loss of the season (3-1).

The statistical line was fairly spread out between the team on a night where they needed everyone to contribute. Brandon Hunter led the team in scoring with 17 points (4/9 from the field, 6/8 free throws) with Kevin Morgan following in tow with 16 of his own (6/13 from the field). Jason Hunter, coming out of a shooting slump for an evening, added 9 (3/3 from the field, 3/4 free throws)

Brent Hunter (5 points, 2 assists) and Morgan led the team with 7 rebounds a piece, while Matt Eberwein (6) and Brandon Hunter (5) followed suit.

After a bad first week against a great shooting team, the Treys defense has also seemingly gotten back on track. They have now held their opponents to under 50 points a game the past three games (35.3 ppt), while scoring an average of 56 points themselves.

The Delly Treys will face off against Take Over at 7:30 this Sunday. Take Over is listed at 3-1, though there may be an early error in the standings.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Delly Treys Start at .500

After a poor showing in the playoffs last winter, halting a promising season, the Delly Treys had a new name and new look coming into the 2015-2016 season.

Unfortunately having a full year off caused a lot of rust to build, and the team showed just that on both offense and defense in game one, but bounced back on both sides of the ball (slightly) in a game two victory.

Taking a look at the first game of the season against Banana's in Pajama's, the 31% shooting performance, coupled with a defense that allowed 12 three-pointers in the first half, led to a 44-61 drubbing that was hard to walk away from; especially with the promise the new roster had.

Brent Hunter, who had played with the team off and on for the past few seasons, is now going to be a mainstay in the rotation. He is going to be looked upon as not only another scorer, but someone who can stretch out the 2-3 zone up top, as well as adding length underneath. His first game of the season did not show an even average performance from the youngest Hunter brother as he only scored six points on three of ten shooting from the floor (five rebounds).

Hunter was not the only one to struggle in the first contest. The team overall took 19 three-point attempts, connecting on only 3 of them (16%) and only Kevin Morgan (18 points, 5 rebounds) seemed to have any kind of standard offense output (7 of 12 from the floor, 2 of 3 at the line).

The defense, as mentioned earlier, although held Banana's to just one three-pointer in the second half, could only muster 21 points in a comeback attempt, leading to the 17 point defeat back in early November.

The story, at least on the defensive side of the ball, was quite different from game one to game two. The Treys allowed only two three-pointers total in the game against aptly-named Brick City, and, even more impressive, only allowed four points total in the first half. Though a poor shooting team will allow the Treys to maintain their 2-3 zone throughout a full contest, the team overall had a better step on that end creating turnovers and only allowing Brick City one attempt per possession for most of the night.

The offensive part of things also improved, albeit slightly. The team still shot a poor percentage from the floor, only hitting on 21% of their three-point attempts (4/19) and just 34% overall (22/64), but the story was on the glass. The Delly Treys swallowed up Brick City on both ends, compiling 50 rebounds, which is nearly 16 over the organizations average of 34.5 per game. The mass attack on the boards, Matt Eberwein and Brent Hunter (10) and Andy Kempf (12), resulted in three players with over 10 rebounds and also multiple put back opportunities. Brent Hunter totaled 17 shots from two point range for the game, but most of those were within five feet and from multiple put back attempts. The close range shot attempts also showed a bit in the teams overall two-point field goal percentage (41%), although not much better than the 38% from game one, any positive sign of the offense turning around the team will most definitely take.

The Delly Treys next game has not been scheduled as of this writing.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

GrandMaMa's Double-Up State Farm 56-28; Mid-Season Review

The GranMaMa's improved to 9-1 on the season after dismantling State Farm this past Sunday 56-28.

Kevin Morgan recorded the teams second double-double of the season and Brandon Hunter led the team in scoring with 17 as the MaMa's shot 53% from two point range.

The offensive attack wasn't quite as potent this contest, but the defense is where the team shined. The MaMa's held State Farm to a mere nine points in the second half, allowing only three field goals. The team has only allowed 474 points this season, less than 50 points per game for the opposition (47.4). The GrandMaMa's in turn, have scored 692 points this season, nearing 70 a game (69.2).

Though the MaMa's easily handled State Farm, who has only won two games so far this season, the good guys could only manage 17% from three point range (3/18). Against a quality opponent, the attempts from long range will have to decrease, or the amount of shots connecting will have to increase if the MaMa's want to make an impact from that area of offense.

The good part about this night is that we are nit-picking when it comes to negatives to look for. The GranMaMa's continue to shoot very well from the free throw line, going 9 of 12 (75%). The MaMa's are also rebounding at an extremely high rate,. The 37.1 rebounds per game is currently the second highest total in organizational history. Only the season where the organization was labeled the Mailmen, did they have a higher rebounding total per game (38.6). Andy Kempf (10.3 rebounds per game), Matt Eberwein (7.9), and Kevin Morgan (6.7) lead the way in that department.

The GrandMaMa's will face off against Winking Lizard (2-8) tomorrow at 5:10pm.


Mid-Season Review

Though we are bit past the halfway point of the season, we will take a look at how this season is going for some of the GranMaMa players, in regards to their career statistics.

Andy Kempf - Kempf has been coming into his own over the past few years. He has come a long way from the 2.9 point per game, 4.9 rebounds per game season with the Reignmakers. Though Kempf is only averaging 3.5 points per game this season, he is grabbing 10.3 rebounds per game, tying his second highest season total when he has played five games or more. Kempf also has one of the only two double-doubles for the GrandMaMa's this season.

Brandon Hunter - The middle Hunter brother is having a career shooting season. The 49% two point field goal percentage ties his second highest season total of five games or more. The only time Hunter shot better, was during the Human Highlight Reels fall season where he shot 63% in 8 games. His three point shooting percentage is so far, a career high at 39%. Not to be looked over is his free throw percentage as well. His 78% mark this season is his best ever.

Brent Hunter - Though the youngest Hunter brother has only appeared in five games this season (a career high) he has added a scoring a defensive punch for the MaMa's. Hunter's 80% free throw percentage is a career best when taking five or more free throws. His 51% two point field goal percentage ties his career total and the 6.4 rebounds per game was his second best season total for his career.

Chuck Caldwell - Caldwell has started to find a little bit of range this season, especially the past two games. His 31% three point shooting percentage is his best so far in a season, the only time he has topped 30% in his five seasons as a member of this organization. Not asked to score nearly as much this season, Caldwell has pushed the team defense to be one of the best in the organizations history.

Jason Hunter - The eldest of the Hunter brothers has found his range from deep this season. His 43% three point shooting percentage is the best in his career and is over 10% higher than his career average of 32%. Along with his middle brother, Jason has locked in from the free throw line, shooting 79% this season, also a best for his career. Though his scoring and rebounding totals are down, Hunter is a part of the three-headed defensive snake on top of the 2-3 zone this season with Caldwell and Cripple.

Justin Woo - A large presence under the basket, Woo has only appeared in four games this season. Looking past his numbers, which are down from years past, Justin has routinely taken it upon himself to guard the biggest player on the defensive end of the floor. Woo will look to play in his fifth game of the season tomorrow against Winking Lizard.

Kevin Morgan - Morgan is only in his second season as a member of the GrandMaMa's, but is adding that secondary scoring punch that the team desperately needs. His 15.6 points per game is second on the team and his 6.7 rebounds per game ranks him third on the team. Morgan looks to be a top contributor for years to come in the organization.

Matt Eberwein - Also in his second season as part of the GrandMaMa's organization, Eberwein has filled the void left by Kerry Hunter's retirement to player-coach. His 7.9 rebounds per game rank him second on the team and his 46% two point field goal percentage ranks him third on the team. Eberwein has now become a large part of the offense, breaking down the oppositions zone defensive schemes by finding cutters and wide open three point shooters. Eberwein has also begun to control the defensive side of the ball underneath, blocking nearly 10 shots this past Sunday.

Pat Cripple - Crip is only in his second season as part of the organization this year, but is doing his part on both ends of the floor. His 56% two point field goal percentage in best on the team and also leads the team in total field goal percentage at 54%. His 7.4 points per game ranks him fourth on the team of players whom have played more than five games. Crip, along with Caldwell at the top of the 2-3 zone this season, has helped to solidify a defense that ranks first in the league in points against this season.

Team - The GrandMaMa's are having themselves a season to remember on the offensive side of the ball this season. The 46% two point field goal percentage ranks third in organizational history, while their three point percentage (34% - 1st), and free throw percentage (65% - tie 3rd), also rank in the top three in organizational history. Going hand-in-hand with the shooting percentages, the 62.9 points per contest the team is scoring is their second best in the organizations history. The team is also grabbing 37.1 rebounds per game also their second highest total in organization history.

GrandMaMa's Win Sloppy Game Against Cereal Killers

Caldwell had his best game of the season, scoring
11 and shooting 50% from three point range.
A 20 point victory is never one to shrug at, but the GrandMaM'as were not sharp during their 61-41 victory against Cereal Killers this past Sunday.

For the second straight contest, the MaMa's shot below 40% from the field (39%). Their defense, and simply having more firepower, pushed them to victory on this night.

The MaMa's held the Cereal Killers to only 18 points in the second half as the opposition merely did not have the weapons to truly threaten the MaMa's on this night.

A bright spot on this night came from Chuck Caldwell. Caldwell scored 11 points on a night where the team needed some offensive help. He made good on three of six three pointers and added another field goal, along with grabbing five rebounds. The scoring output was a great sign as Caldwell had failed to score in his first two games back from the broken hell he suffered at the end of the fall season. Not only were his points welcome, Caldwell really helps to solidify the MaMa's 2-3 zone at the top of key. The Cereal Killers were only held to five three point field goals all night.

Two other MaMa's scored in double figures. Kevin Morgan led the team with 16 points while Brandon Hunter added 13. They combined to snatch 16 rebounds. Andy Kempf (1 point) was also once again effective on the glass, grabbing 9 rebounds of his own.

The GrandMaMa's have an off weekend, as the season is put on hold for today's SuperBowl game. The season will continue on the 8th as the MaMa's take on State Farm at 7PM EST. State Farm is 2-6 on the year, last place in the West Division.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winning Streak Ends at 8

After a 75-51 drubbing of Soda Slingers on January 11th, the GrandMaMa's found themselves putting their 8 games winning streak on the line against a formidable foe, and rival, Powerstrokes.

The Powerstrokes won the battle 68-61, effectively ending the GGM's winning streak at 8.

Brandon Hunter led the way against Soda Slingers,
scoring 28 points and shooting 5 of 9 from deep. 
It was a tale of two games on the offensive side of the ball these past two weeks. The GrandMaMa's shot 41% from the floor and 44% from three against the Soda Slingers, adding 75% free throw shooting. Against the Powerstrokes however, a much better defensive team, the good guys could only manage to shoot 36% overall from the floor (32% from three/38% from two).

The passive style of play from Soda Slingers worked right into what the MaMa's do well, run and attack on offense. Andy Kempf (22 rebounds) and Matt Eberwein (16 rebounds) had double-digit rebounding nights. While Brandon Hunter, who led the team with 28 points, almost had the same with 9 rebounds of his own. Kempf recorded the first double-double of the season for the GrandMaMa's, scoring 14 points as well.

It was a great sign for the defense as well, holding the Soda Slingers to 51 points. They scored 100 the previous week. As one-sided as the outcome was, the game was never even that close. The Slingers started to get hot from deep, making 10 three pointers in the second half. That output alone would have topped their first half scoring total by 17 points. The score was 47-13 MaMa's after the first half.

The Powerstrokes however, brought a more dynamic 2-3, using their length, size, and athleticism to bother the GrandMaMa's near the half court line all night long. Inopportune turnovers and a poor shooting night took the wheels off of the machine that was the GrandMaMa's team basketball style.

Brandon Hunter and Kevin Morgan scored 16 and 19 points respectively, but combined to shoot 13 of  34 from the field (38%). Matt Eberwein (8 points), Pat Cripple (8) and Jason Hunter (6) rounded out the scoring on a night where the team shot its lowest percentage from the floor for the season.

The team was without energetic big-man Andy Kempf on this night however. A night where they could have used more intensity and hustle on both ends of the floor, especially on the glass. Kempf is leading the team in rebounds, grabbing 11 per game.

The good news is that the GrandMaMa's will get to face Powerstrokes one more time before the playoffs begin, as they match up again on March 1st.

The GrandMaMa's look to begin a new winning streak tonight as they face off against Cereal Killers, who only had 1 win as of January 10th.