Monday, November 17, 2008

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

There has been some pretty big developments over the past few weeks that I really haven't touched on.

We will soon have a new President in the Oval Office. Barack Obama will become the 44th, and only colored, President of these United States of America...and it looks like it was a failed attempt by many to "cancel out" my vote.

When I look back on it, I was one of the few people, in my group of friends, that actually voted for Obama. I know Jenny, Knapik...and a few others, went with McCain...but the people have spoke.

Everyone is going to point to the fact that the largest number of black voters ever came out for this and voted in this election...well if you're going to point that number out, just realize that if you desperately wanted McCain to win, you should've went out and voted yourself. There will be a lot of people at their homes complaining about having a black guy for Pres...he's really only about 9% African American, somewhere in that neighborhood...but a lot of those people probably stayed at home, for better or for worse. The lot of them now thinking they should have got off there asses and voted for the woman on that side of the ballot when the primaries came about...but they probably were at home, again...when that time rolled around.

What's done is done...and I am happy about it. I saw Obama the day after the release of his victory talking on TV and that guy, he just has a presence about him. The way he looks, the way he speaks, just the way he controls the stage and the audience...we don't have anything close to that right now in the White House, and it is time for that to change.

Even if there are spots in his Presidency that come up where he has no idea what to do, no plan of attack, he will at least sound intelligent throwing a little BS at us...and not like a kid bumbling about why he didn't turn his HW in. And don't think I expect Mr. Obama to throw BS around, I truly believe that he will be the guy to stand up for his mistakes and have a strong demeanor when tough decisions need to be made. He just seems like a guy a lot of people, myself included, can get behind and feel huge support for. I'm sure the racist people, which there will be plenty when he makes his first mistake or does something a few people don't agree with, will come out of the woodwork and complain about him being black or Muslim or whatever...but he's going to do a great job, it's just something he puts off. To be honest, his face should be on a stamp and some kind of currency as well...just a thought.


Trent Dilfer is an idiot. There. I said it.

After the Browns have recently decided to play Brady Quinn at QB, for the rest of the year hopefully, he decided to state that the Browns are a "dysfunctional organization" that runs their team to put "butts in seats" and does things based on "what the fans want."

Hey Trent? How did your stat line look when you played for Cleveland? Oh that's right, you threw 12 picks and were then trader for KEN DORSEY and a draft pick. Maybe you're a little bitter about the fact? Listen, your an analyst now for ESPN so you are supposed to speak your mind. But that was ridiculous. Just because you got into a heated battle with then offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon (remember him Browns fans?) and were then traded from Cleveland because you wanted out, doesn't give you the right to jump up to the podium and bash them for making Brady Quinn the new QB. It's the right move. It's the right time. And the Browns will be better for it. Sure they lost the Thursday game against the Broncos...but that was only after the D, which had been pretty solid up to these past 2 weeks, gave up their second double-digit lead in two games...and if Kellen Winslow doesn't drop that pass (or we actually try to give the ball to Jamal Lewis, who had been hammering the Broncos all night on 3rd or 4th down), Winslow had been pretty good most of the night, catching 2 TD's (but also fumbling at a bad time), the Browns may have come up with a win. Tonight's game against the Bills will be a better test of BQ's ability. He'll have a full week of practice under his belt, his first with the first teamers, and hopefully everyone comes to play.

I can't think of what else I wanted to gripe about. But I'll come back soon.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just To Get You to Come Back Later...

I just realized a thing or two after coming home from a Miami of Ohio trip to visit Jeremy this past weekend.

1. You cant run in DC shoes. Well you can, if you actually have them laced up. But if you have your DC shoelaces tied up, or untied up like you should...then its really damn hard to move at a pace faster than a walk. Doin it in the rain none the less, just intensifies the difficulty.

2. The people from The Hills Have Eyes are real. Ask Chad.

3. You can take Cedar road the whole way (but not really).

4. I got some pretty cool people around me right now.

A weekend trip to visit someone more than an hour away is something I really don't do. I really haven't done that much, come to think of it, ever.

I know I'm 23, I know I pretty much wasted my first few years of college not doing much and not having the best time I could. Sure I thought I was having a good time at the time...follow?...but now I realize that I could've been having a better time...maybe.

Who I hang out with now is completely different from those who I hung out with when I was a freshman and sophomore in college. Pretty much everyone I hang out with is different. I was really around older people when I first came into school at NDC. I was the only freshman cross country runner of my grade, and one of 10 or so freshman athletes...there weren't many people my age around when I first came to NDC. So I hung around some older kids, and of course a handful of student athletes my age...none of whom, I really talk to all that much now. The older generation has moved on, moved away...and I started new friendships my junior, senior, and after years now.

A lot of the people I'm friends with now I think really can relate to me and just seem to have the ability to relate more to me and my interests. A lot of my years as a freshman and sophomore in college were spent in my room, or just hanging out with one or two other people at a time. Now, its hard to find a time where its just me and one other person...unless that person is Jenny, which is then understandable. But the relationships I have developed now, seem like ones that could last longer than a few years. I'm hoping they can last past the college life and onto the next.

Ive been having a pretty good time the last few months, hanging out and having fun. Ive gotten closer to some people who I really never got the chance to be really close to, and I think its mainly in part of where Jenny is living this year. At her old house, i was still friends with everyone she lived with...I just feel more comfortable in this new house and just how I get along with everyone in it. Its been a good transition for me and I'm really enjoying it.

So here's to more good times. I'm happy to have a great bunch of people around me, you all know who you are...I'm hanging out with you on a constant basis. But this weekend was a good time for me, I don't do that too often, just hoping there are more memories to come. I don't think I'm making up for lost time, I'm still a young guy, I'm just having the best time that I can and the people around me are who makes that possible.


"I crack myself up on that one"