Saturday, February 14, 2015

GrandMaMa's Win Sloppy Game Against Cereal Killers

Caldwell had his best game of the season, scoring
11 and shooting 50% from three point range.
A 20 point victory is never one to shrug at, but the GrandMaM'as were not sharp during their 61-41 victory against Cereal Killers this past Sunday.

For the second straight contest, the MaMa's shot below 40% from the field (39%). Their defense, and simply having more firepower, pushed them to victory on this night.

The MaMa's held the Cereal Killers to only 18 points in the second half as the opposition merely did not have the weapons to truly threaten the MaMa's on this night.

A bright spot on this night came from Chuck Caldwell. Caldwell scored 11 points on a night where the team needed some offensive help. He made good on three of six three pointers and added another field goal, along with grabbing five rebounds. The scoring output was a great sign as Caldwell had failed to score in his first two games back from the broken hell he suffered at the end of the fall season. Not only were his points welcome, Caldwell really helps to solidify the MaMa's 2-3 zone at the top of key. The Cereal Killers were only held to five three point field goals all night.

Two other MaMa's scored in double figures. Kevin Morgan led the team with 16 points while Brandon Hunter added 13. They combined to snatch 16 rebounds. Andy Kempf (1 point) was also once again effective on the glass, grabbing 9 rebounds of his own.

The GrandMaMa's have an off weekend, as the season is put on hold for today's SuperBowl game. The season will continue on the 8th as the MaMa's take on State Farm at 7PM EST. State Farm is 2-6 on the year, last place in the West Division.

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