Saturday, December 12, 2015

Treys Lose at the Buzzer During Controversial Fifth Game

*Editors note - Last weeks blog was incorrect in stating the Treys record as 4-1. They were only 3-1 as of the writing last week

The Delly Treys lost a hard fought battle against Take Over 55-54 after a game-ending three pointer.

The Treys never trailed during the game until the final buzzer, but couldn't find a way to extend the lead late as their offense stalled and their struggles from the free throw line continued.

The Treys shot 45% from the stripe (5/11), which has put them at one of their lowest percentages in team history at 55%. The only time they shot a lower percentage from the line during the season was during the 2014 GrandMaMas season where they shot 53%.

The Treys have begun to find their identity as a team however, shying away from the three point line and battling on the defensive end.

The Treys are second in the league with only 225 points given up, good enough for 45 points per game. Their 2-3 zone is coming into form as they begin to lock down shooters from the outside and only allow teams one shot on offense on most trips.

By moving away from the three point line, the Treys are finding their overall field goal percentage on the rise as well. Their overall percentage has increased every game, to a season-high 43% this week. The team only took 12 three pointers, tied for their season low, which ultimately led to more shots inside and closer looks to the basket. The team shot a season high 46% from two-point range this past Sunday.

The game has been called into question, if only by the Delly Treys, as the official score keeper had the Treys at 54 points, while the official team score from the Treys sidelines was at 56 points. It seems that the official score keeper missed a basket (or two) from Pat Cripple, ultimately leaving the Treys with a controversial loss, instead of a possible win.

The score being in question however is not something the Treys can hang their hat on as they must be better from the line and at creating scoring opportunities late in games. The team has begun to find more ways, easier ways, to score and must continue to do so if they want to have enough offense to put them over in situations like the ones this past Sunday.

An individual look at the game saw leading men Kevin Morgan and Brandon Hunter showing the way with 14 and 15 points, respectively. Brent Hunter added 11 (7 rebounds). Andy Kempf (9) and Matt Eberwein (6) continued their strong showing for the team on the glass, combining for 15 rebounds.

The team will play this Sunday at 5:00pm against American Snipers, who are 3-2 as of this writing.

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